The playlists offering could be better right now

The winter update was fantastic BUT one thing Im not enjoying about the update is that it feels like a lot of options and variety were lost in matchmaking (social and ranked) due to playlists becoming rotational. Since we likely wont have a match composer any time soon, here is (in my opinion) how the playlists could be setup better right now:

Quickplay (4v4) - Slayer, KOTH, Attrition, Strongholds, Oddball, CTF, Land Grab.

Team Slayer (4v4) - Slayer, BR Slayer

Tactical Slayer (4v4)

Social Slayer (4v4) - Fiesta, Team Snipers (S7s Only), Ninja Slayer, Kong Slayer, Rock N Repulsors

Rumble Pit (8 Player FFA) - Slayer, Ninja Slayer, Vampireball, Fiesta, Snipers (S7s Only), Rock N Repulsors, Escalation Slayer (Gun Game), One in the Chamber (Tactical Slayer. Spawn/Respawn with only one bullet. Kills generate a bullet).

Social Doubles (2v2) - Slayer, Fiesta, Team Snipers (S7s Only), CTF, Oddball, Dodgeball.

Big Team Battle (12v12) - Slayer, Stockpile, Total Control, CTF.

Weekly Rotational Playlist - Joint Ops, Last Spartan Standing, Team Snipers (S7s Only), Infection, Grifball, Escalation Slayer, etc.

Weekly Forge Playlist

Arena (4v4) - Oddball, CTF, Slayer, Strongholds

Lone Wolves (6 Player FFA) - Slayer

Doubles (2v2) - Oddball, CTF, Slayer

Rotational Playlist - 4v4 Survivors, 2v2 Dodgeball, 4v4 Snipers (S7s Only), FFA Snipers (S7s Only), 4v4 Tactical Slayer, etc.


How about we just stop rotating playlists, it’s a horrible idea anyway. Most people who used to play Halo had a few select playlists that they would hop between, when you start removing them people don’t filter themselves into the other playlists, they just quit. Halo used to have sort of mini communities for every playlist, and now none of those player groups exist because their preferred gametype is “rotational”.

Yeah I’m actually put off by rotating playlists, rather than feeling more engaged in the game I feel like I shouldn’t be wasting my time getting used to modes that will rotate out in a week and that I won’t be able to play whenever I feel like.

Really dumb move on 343’s part.


I don’t disagree with the idea of consolidating playlists, but this should be paired with a game-type filter in the UI. Chose your player count (4v4, 12v12, 8FFA) and select your preferred gametypes. Let people play what they want. It’s not rocket science.

Bit of a gripe to further the point:
Right now the only way I can play standard FFA slayer is with bots in a custom game or if I’m lucky get a party together (which is harder now because we have no social features in-game). As much as I enjoy fiesta occasionally, the notion that the only way to play Halo casually is on wacky game types is silly. I just want to play standard slayer and KotH.

Also please allow parties in social FFA. It was in most Halo games and wasn’t a problem. Bring back multi team too pls

Tl:dr- let people play what they want with who they want

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I just want an objective playlist. Also keep attrition out, it doesn’t belong in quickplay.

H3’s Ranked Team Slayer should lead the ranked playlists… Team slayer dominated and brought many people to the game. Infinite lost a lot of players due to its absence.

HCS team arena was always a niche playlist not sure why its headlining considering how poorly its past variants have been in other games.

It was a blatant move to put money before player base. Now year one is over ranked Team Slayer should be put back where it belongs.

Believe me I have suggested something similar in the form of Match Composer or have a 4v4, 2v2, 8FFA, 12v12 Playlists with the player having the choice to activate/deactivate all the modes in the game list. I agree fully. But if that isnt possible or in the meantime while they implement that I think this would be a good selection of playlists to give the variety and consistency the game needs.