The player count for this game will always be low

I just played several matches of big team battle social, and there is no way the majority of people will have fun in this dumpster-fire of a game. Desync, lag, what ever you want to call it, people with swords or a gravity-hammer with a lunge distance that is just downright ridiculous… Check the score total and only a couple of people get kills, and a lot of kills, everyone else is just slaughter material. With the lag, it is impossible to track someone with your weapon. I have a good connection and my Xbox latency says 23ms, I play Destiny, split-gate, COD, minimal problems … Halo Infinite, unplayable.

Bottom line, won’t play Infinite’s PVP again, I will stick to almost playable Boot Camp. When I am playing this game, it feels like I am playing a demo of a game, not finished, and has a disclaimer about the bugs and glitches. Man, this game is a let-down. I haven’t played The master chief collection in a long time, maybe I will uninstall Infinite and reinstall MCC and try that.


MCC is far worse for me as its UK population is very low so I never get a european server, it’s always american servers unfortunately. Its pretty much unplayable.

Infinite seems to play far better but still not perfect as even with low ping it doesnt feel right at times.


Out of curiosity, which xbox are you playing it on?

No matter what you do, 343i is getting your engagement. They don’t really lose anything this way.

Well, I’m sure executives and leadership in 343/MS can’t be happy seeing the game that cost so much investment dollars bleed an insane amount of players due to poor technical optimization

Especially since Infinite has more revenue potential than MCC since MCC doesn’t have a ton of MX’s to profit off of

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Infinite has been a big swing and a miss. For the length of time this game took to create and ship. Adding a year delay, it’s been truly embarrassing. Forge and co op campaign coming here next month is a great move in the right direction, but it’s been an entire year. Confirming the push back of split screen is another reason why the population for this game will continue the way that it is. It’s truly unfortunate.


kay have fun