The plasma pistol issue

As many people have noticed the plasma pistol has lost its function as an EMP in order to give this function to a new subset of weapons, and while I don’t actually disagree with the choice, I actually like the new weapons and understand the choice was made to maintain gameplay balance, however I do think it should be given a new role or function to keep it as a useful weapon, and you could do this within the halo Canon as a banished modification to it, maybe charging it a little longer in the overcharge shot creates a concussion blast or turns the shot into an explosive, there’s plenty of options beyond just stripping it of any real use outside of CQC, just some food for thought

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just make it function like the halo CE plasma pistol minus the movement stun, stronger tracking for the charged shot, much higher base damage, this makes even more sense when ya think about it cuz 343 seems to have taken the sndbox in a more CE like direction