The Pit (Halo 3 Remake) Forge

hello everyone!

I want you to know that I made a “The Pit” Remake (from Halo 3). please check it out if you want! and any suggestions for the map or anything that you dont like about it please let me know, the map has respawn zones, kill zones, cinematics for intro and outro, location names, colors for each base and each part of the map, power weapons, etc.

the map is ready for: Team Slayer, FFA Slayer, strongholds, Capture The Flag and Breakout. and it will support, Oddball, King of the Hill and Bomb Assault when it becomes available (hopefully).

I dont know how to put images of the map here. sorry.

my GamerTag " L DeadMaker L "
happy new year to all of you!