The Perfect Version of Halo 5 in Infinite 1 & 2

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343 Industries,
A few ideas from a progressive fan who loves what you have created:
I know you all are working on the setbacks every other player complains about like story, or lack of vehicles (especially forerunner), AND THIS IS NOT THAT. These are the nitty gritty details that can be improved to create a playing experience no other game has to offer. With a few little tweaks and new ideas I want to help improve on what you all got right and not bash you for the things that slipped through the cracks.

The addition of many new types of assault rifles, SMG’s, etc. is amazing! However, when playing warzone (which is the only chance to choose) the assault rifle loses potency so quickly you never get to truly enjoy it. I must say if I could use the silenced or laser assault rifle in the later game I would. It’s so fun and accurate in the close to mid-range fight. But every other weapon can out muster it unless you use overshield or something. There are two solutions to this. The first is having a game type where everyone gets assault rifles, but you can choose which one you want to use every death similar to Halo 4. OR you could do something similar to Halo 2’s rumble pit where it was rumble rockets, rumble swat, or rumble covy snipes; except, you could have all assault rifles but many variations of rifles and it doesn’t have to be a free-for-all game type. The second solution is to allow the assault rifle to compete with other weapons in the later game on warzone or just upping the damage in general.
This is a huge idea for warthog use while playing solo in warzone. The warthog is a lot of fun and is a massive part of all halo culture. When you get a warthog you have to drive around honking at people or do your best with solo attacks by hopping from seat to seat. This is such a bummer and makes the warthog for the most part unusable even in a party. Two solutions to this are: One, send a small popup to others near respawn / party that offers a chance to spawn in the vehicle with you. Obviously it can’t disrupt play for others but there should be a way to do this and it would make the warthog an actual choice again. Second, and less likely, give us an AI gunner or driver. I just want to be able to use a warthog but instead I always must turn to a single player vehicle (which is basically all others)

A more farfetched idea for warzone (to keep people interested) are more game types. A fun idea for warzone could honestly be something similar to Player Unknowns Battle Ground (PUBG). If I could drop down in an ODST pod at some random location and look for random weapons, maybe fight off AI enemies (covenant, forerunner, flood, rebels, etc), or even just player vs player. How fun would that be with all the unique weapons and play styles you all have developed in Halo 5.

It’s time to step up the interactive world within each game. It DOES NOT have to be like COD with whole buildings toppling over and shooting through walls. What I’m talking about is the world outside that. My friend and I were talking about how wicked it would be to be in a match in slayer on an alien ship or planet and the whole map goes dark as it passes behind a moon or an electrical surge cuts the lights. Obviously, some parts of the map would be darker than others, but it changes the entire structure of that game instead of full assault you would switch to flashlights, heat signatures, lasers, and change gears to stealth. You could do all kinds of things with this. Even if the only lighting is emergency lights or glowing mushrooms. Have fun with it. Build a game style unlike any others.

This one is crucial to the physics of game play. Allow us to do more than one command at a time. These are Spartans, they should be able to do more than one command at a time. For example, I start to clamber up something see someone in front of me or behind me on my radar. An alert player will obviously try and jump or thruster away from harm in some way. Instead, you have to wait until you finish climbing then you can use thruster etc. This is silly and really takes away from the game’s beautiful physics and flow. Similarly, you can’t thruster and shoot an energy charging weapon at the same time. Really? Of all the weapons you should be allowed to do this with it should be charging weapons… I can’t tell you how often some average joe spartan charges me head on and is almost dead (similar to me) and I thruster back trying to charge a spartan lazer and it won’t. So I die to the biggest noob addon to the halo franchise. These things are small adjustments, but they happen in every game to at least one person. so correcting them could really change a lot.

There are many great things you all have done, but progress them. The physics of the game are spectacular. The ability to change play styles in a blink of an eye is exactly what I want in Halo whether it is campaign or multiplayer. I can run a map full assault guns blazing duck-and-cover play, or I can run around like an assassin jumping, climbing, and sneaking. The climbing, infinite sprint, sliding, all of that is a true spectacle that makes me feel like an actual Spartan. The ability to somewhat set traps is available on some maps using certain weapons which could also be improved a bit. I love it, my friends love it, and all you have to do is keep progressing it. Make spartans even more adaptable and lets us be our own unique style throughout the game possibly without depending on what weapon is in our hands. Spartans are killing machines so let us be that super soldier that is unique to us. not only in customization but our play styles as well.

The addition of many types of the same enemy and/or different ranks such as regular hunter vs a hunter devastator is so much fun! It took a while for that to catch on in the Halo world but I couldn’t be happier that it did. However, build on it, create jet packing recon elites like Halo 2 and Reach campaigns. Or even bring back some form of buggits. All in all it would be nice to fight more well rounded enemies with ground, air, and wall foes (like the flood crawler/stalker/spiker from Halo 3). Expand both campaign and multiplayer to have even more variety. Most Importantly, bring in more CQC enemies. Ya sure its fun trying to strategize through a legendary level filled with snipers and more aggressive and accurate foes, but I want some rampaging enemy that changes gear and comes at you with a close quarters weapon or bare hands. Similar to the Brutes once they lost their armor…

A small detail that could make a huge difference by making it rated Mature again… Nothing is more annoying than when I plop down ready to romp and destroy in warzone or campaign and some weak -Yoink- “marine” says in a dainty voice, “I can’t wait to tear those forerunners apart.” It is such a pathetic way to represent anyone in the military even in a video game. Catherine Halsey would smack the -Yoink- out of a soldier who talked like that. Give us grit and legitimate military vocabulary because what Halo 5 provided is pure garbage and a massive buzzkill. This can be said about all AI throughout the entire game. We don’t want to listen to a giant grunt yell about “explodey babies.” It is honestly awful and one of my biggest and only actual annoyances.