The perfect Halo Infinite (opinion)

This strictly opinion here. Let me know what you think. Honestly the base gameplay of 4 was pretty good minus ordinace vs 5. So if they went with a h2a style br with mix of halo to halo 5 of weaponry on Halo 4s gameplay with regular style drops. 1-50 ranking system since the champion arena style of gameplay weighs to heavily on who you play to rank up vs straight wins with low weight to who it is. Good players cant even find games so they quit entirely. Reach custimization, with a ranking system mix of Reach and 3. Include ranked into the overall ranking system and people are forced to play it to get that general, it’s smart really. Include social and ranked playlists. Get rid of sprint, seriously only reason I say this is because increased movement speed actually does just that and maps dont have to be made huge to compensate. Keep jump jets and clamber, get rid of float shooting. Basically take the best aspects of every game and make it into one, fingers crossed I hope it works out. Have anything to add let’s hear it.