The perfect halo game

In my opinion this is what would make the perfect halo game
1.) 4 player split screen on and offline
2.) The classic art style
3.) No thruster ground pound or spartan charge it makes the game unbalanced
4.)I’m neutral on sprint it wouldnt bother me if they kept it or got rid of it
5.) Play able elites
6.) The classic controls as the default or the halo 4 controls as the default I wasnt a fan of the halo 5 controls took away from the classic halo feeling
7.) Dual wielding
8.)no modded weapons there should only be 1 version of every weapon
9.) A classic point A to point B shooter with semi open world levels
10.) More multiplayer maps that are completely different from each other and some classic multiplayer maps coming back
11.)no micro transactions or req packs
12.) A good forge mode
13.)a different ranking system I dont agree with playing 10 matches and being placed in a rank you should have to earn your rank
14.) The halo reach customization system
15.) A good well thought out story mode that has some lore in it
16.) Keep warzone and big team battle
17.)return the Spartans back to the original size in halo 4 and 5 they felt big and bulky
18.)native 4k with HDR @60 - 120 frames
19.) No spartan abilities
20.) Keep the assassinations i love that