The perfect halo arsenal

I believe I have the perfect halo arsenal. What are your thoughts? Am I a schizo? Would you change anything?


  • Frag grenade (starting grenade, 2 max) - AR (starting weapon) - SMG (bronze tier weapon, only available in dual wield mode, added simply for the cool factor) - BR (starting weapon) - Sniper (gold tier power weapon) - Shotgun (silver tier power weapon) - Flamethrower (campaign and forge exclusive) - Rocket launcher (gold tier power weapon, heat seeks air vehicles) - Plasma grenade (2 max) - Splinter grenade (reskinned to look like the spike grenade, 2 max) - Plasma rifle (has stopping power, bronze tier weapon) - Needler (heat seeks, silver tier power weapon) - Plasma pistol (EMP stuns vehicles and drains shields, bronze tier weapon) - Focus rifle (campaign and forge exclusive) - Energy sword (gold tier power weapon) - Gravity hammer (campaign and forge exclusive) - Fuel rod cannon (campaign and forge exclusive) - Brute shot (silver tier power weapon)Vehicles:

  • Chain gun with 360 degrees of rotation (able to be torn off, added for the cool factor) - Shade turret with an energy shield cover at the front (just below a fuel rod in terms of strength and speed, BTB, campaign, and forge exclusive) - Mongoose (BTB and forge exclusive) - Chain gun warthog - Ghost - Chopper (added for the cool factor) - Scorpion tank - Wraith - Anti air wraith (campaign and forge exclusive) - Hornet (has energy shield but low health without shield and two passenger seats) - Banshee (has energy shield but low health without shield)Pick up items:

  • Overshield, active camo, and speed boost represented by red, blue, and yellow orbs that activate instantly upon waking into them - One time use bubble shield that heals health (can be shot down) - One time use rectangular hardlight shield that deflects bullets from the from the front and be shot through by other players in the back (can be shot down even though it deflects bullets) - One time use hologram that jams radar - One time use smoke bomb that lets you and your team see enemies that are in the smoke through walls - Limited use grapple hook that lets you pull items to you and pull yourself on to vehicles and ledges - Limited use thruster pack that keeps you gun up while used and can also be used like a jet packAlso:

  • Hijacking - Switching vehicle seats - Fast base movement speed - No sprint or advanced mobility - No assassinations (or assassinations that can be turned off because I like them to be honest with you) - Varying levels of zoom on all guns (instead of binoculars on some) - No fall damage - Health packs - Grenades that can bounce weapons to you - Spotting - Flashlight - Weapon dropping

I’ve also got some ideas on the perfect halo enemies


What do you mean wut?

Looks good list