The people who love the game are playing

Thats the reason for the negative posts. Majority of halo players like the game. The people complaining are in the minority.

The game is good. I don’t understand all the complaints.

My H4 order is out for delivery, coming today.

So until then, I’ve got nothing to do but speculate and observe.

I love the game and I’m not playing you want to know why because I hit the xp cap so I stop playing and come here

I agree. The game is AMAZING.

Best Halo behind H2.

I also agree with this. This is the best Halo game I’ve played since Halo 2.


yep best halo game after halo2

the order is 1 > 3 > 2 > Reach. 2 wasn’t all that great i think that’s some selective amnesia about all that games problems

Complaints =/= constructive criticism. Many people are here on the forums to inform 343 of things that should be added and report things that don’t work. Stop looking at it as complaints and whining, a lot of them are simply wanting to make the game better.

I love the game but I am at work so I can’t play…-sadface-

But by far this is the best halo game to me intern of sheer entertainment, production value and visual awesomeness. Cheers 343i