The Peerless Warrior challenge is just ridiculous

I don’t usually complain about the difficulty of challenges because…well they’re supposed to be CHALLENGING, but almost always able to be overcome with just enough skill and a bit of luck. However, this challenge is a bit ridiculous because it relies far more on luck than it does skill. Sure skill comes into play, but not nearly as much as hoping and praying that you can nab some easy kills on either enemies that aren’t fully paying attention or spawning in with the god tier power weapons. Asking for one killing spree is already painful and heavily RNG, but five?! Good lord. I don’t even want the armor coating that comes from it, I just want the XP for my battlepass so I can wear cool Reach armor again, and I can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars like other people can just to look cool in-game.

Maybe I’m just a bit salty about not being good enough in Fiesta, but I don’t have issues with getting sprees in any of the other non-RNG modes where everyone has set spawn weapons.

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I’ve come so close to getting a killing spree only for RNG to bless an enemy with rockets to spam my position or an energy sword, I’ll probably not finish this challenge because I’m just getting mad at this point lol.


I was losing my mind trying to finish it, but did it. I recommend finding a sword and hiding in a camping spot and just keep watching out for radar movement and just keep playing like a spider, this worked best for me on the tight maps. On Behemoth, an effective way of getting a killing spree is to get a BR and hide around the edge of the map picking them off and then hiding behind rocks.
Also, screaming gamer words at the monitor when you get blasted with a rocket when you need 1 more kill helps a lot.

perseverance is key, I believe in you

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