The PAYWALL for ARMOR has to go!

Well they would’ve planned it that way. Incentive

Oh, I’m aware. I just know that it does some things good. It can be littered with overpriced guff too and over the years Bungie has done their best to limit the Bright Dust you can acquire (also miss the Prismatic Matrix).

Simple: NEW stuff. Not legacy content. Selling weapon skins, charms, backdrops, stances, and textures/paterns to use on armors (the color of those OUR OWN CHOICE), and would still make massive profit. Keep the battle pass too, even? Just don’t rip things from it to sell on the store, and make it reward in game currency too so it has some more legitimate value.

Stop crying, the difference is that this game is free, which means that you pay nothing for it. You want it, buy it, or otherwise don’t get it and play the basic form.

Consumers have a right to complain. Especially when the sequel to a game they like has a lot of features stripped out. Everyone knows that it being free to play means they need some level of monetization, but that doesn’t mean they have to do it like this. And it certainly doesn’t mean people can’t complain.


If you bought the product, you can. The game, however, was free.
To complain about something that NOONE paid for is stupid.

You absolutely can complain about a Free to play game. It doesn’t mean the devs have to listen, but as a consumer that’s one of the ways to make your voice heard. And you know what, it’s made an impact so far. 343 had added more playlists. They’ve talked about reworking the store. They added store items to the Fracture event pass. They mentioned they would look into crosscore. None of this would likely have been done, at least not this soon, if people hadn’t voiced their concerns, hence it’s not stupid. You insulting people is impolite though.

Also, no one asked for the game to be free to play.

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they could take it off and maybe make some dlcs for money instead of skins cause if you look back on the older games you still got tons of money cause you could pay credits or real cash