The PAYWALL for ARMOR has to go!

Their pricing model clearly is working exactly as intended.

Every game I see multiple losers with paid skins on.

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cut content and features

I saw it by now but thanks

I agree.
Just wish they would make their prices fair and gameplay rewarding, instead of gouging everyone for customization and designing things in a way that tries to get challenge swaps and XP boosts sold.

My bad I was mentally ranting when I wrote this haha

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Halo 5’s multiplayer wasnt free. Like serious, do people realize that a majority of halo players in multiplayer HAVE NOT bought campaign and play this game for FREE. Where is 343 making any money for this game if they just give you the game and the cosmetics all for free

Not all free but they did drip feed us stuff in Halo Infinite, they went from 48 default colors in Halo 5 to 10 in Halo infinite and.charfing you 10 to 20 bucks due to force bundles, for the other 38 default colors. I get payment Ng for the cooler Coatings but red… Not once but twice they sold us Scarlet wake red… Of they are going to sell you a basic color at least make it cross core

More people would probably buy things if they weren’t overpriced and basic colors weren’t being sold.

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It’s actually 48^2=2304 in Halo 5 once you consider it you get to choose 2 colors. Let’s see their coating system match that.

And five pretty much had coatings with customizable colors. Each armor had multiple versions with different patterns, and some bad extra colors besides the two you chose. So 5 essentially had customizable coatings.

except its proven they make more money from the people spending 100 a week then the people who only drop like 20 bucks every other month

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Has it been proven? And why can’t they appeal to both crowds? If we take it as an axiom that the whales will buy everything, or at the very least, the $20 weekly bundles, then couldn’t they also sell little items which weren’t as “exotic” for a few dollars and get some extra money off people not willing to spend as much? How is only appealing to one part of the audience the best solution financially?

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They can definitely make a lot more that way, but they’re doing it at the cost of the series.
People are here right now, but they might not be here for the next game.
If that happens, the people spending $100 a week won’t have many people to play with, and they’ll start leaving too.

That’s the problem with what’s happening to video games right now.
Publishers aren’t thinking of the future, they’re trying to get as much money as they can as quickly as they can, but it’s destroying a lot of video game series and making new series quick to collapse.

I guess it makes sense from their view, but gamers are going to end up with nothing.

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I think you’re right about poor planning for the future. Which is odd, considering Microsoft is thinking of the future with Game Pass. At least, they seem to. Short term, they’ll make less money off someone using the $1 game pass to play a game like Infinite. But long term if they can get enough people hooked they’ll have a steady income. Which seems to be their goal. So it would be wise for them to appease fans of their biggest franchises.

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Yeah, it is odd they’d do that to their biggest series.
Also, yeah, I could see them increasing the price of the Game Pass to $60+ eventually if they get enough people paying for it.

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I mean £60 a year is still better value than per-game - I probably wouldn’t have an issue with this haha

Two things 343i needs to do:

  • Let people earn in-game currency.
  • Lower the prices in the shop with at the very least with 50%. In some cases it should be even 75% lower.

This system of buying armor and other items isn’t going anywhere. And I don’t even really mind it. It is just that it is implemented poorly. The 2 things I named above should be implemented ASAP.

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I mean, Destiny 2 is free to play and they somehow get by when they give you shaders (like coatings) for free and allow you to obtain cosmetics and such with Bright Dust you can earn in-game. Yes, they have a season pass and in-game store, but evidently they see the value in not being so damn greedy with making content available.

Of my last 10 quick play matches, 6 of them had people with the HAZOP set. Soooo while I agree I’m not a fan of the cash shop and the way they’ve set it up, there’s obviously quite a few people out there who don’t care. So long as they keep opening their wallets, don’t expect much to change.

I see it to when I’m playing; people just buy the skins without second thought. I don’t blame them either it’s their money and choice to do so.

It does bring down everyone else who doesn’t want it otherwise. In my opinion if they see enough of us unite around this we can find a solution/comprise. I still believe people who purchase armor would rather have got it free or at the very least for $2 instead of $20.

The challenge system and battle pass seem wasted in this regard because why make us pay to “earn” stuff then charge more on top of that, it doesn’t make sense or sit right with me.

Trust me I’ve seen the bungie forums you’d find that not ever d2 player is happy with the eververse store