The PAYWALL for ARMOR has to go!

We’ve gotten a visor for an ultimate reward, does that mean we could get a helmet or other armors in there as well?

I could see armors only being free through events, but again, we got a visor through UR, visors are like armor option, no?

Anyone who is actually thinking about buying the hazop armor set, just buy “gangbeasts” digitally on the xbox game store instead. It costs the same, and you will probably get more entertainment out of it than you could ever get out of an armor set. Especially since you will never see the armor set outside of the menu and and the beginning/end of every match

Oh, you mean the fashion show? We need a “cat walk” animation we can buy.

Maybe lower the prices or let us earn Credits through gameplay, but not making all the stuff free. This time they flipped it, the game is free but the armor isn’t; y’all just aren’t used to change.

Apperantly changes are coming, the director of the cosmetics stuff said they are going to remove most of the filler fluff aka XP boost challenge swaps and put more cosmetics and the Tenrai stuff is going to remove the paid stuff and make it free. Soooooo

The feedback is working

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Change doesn’t mean it’s ok to charge for legacy gear.

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Imagine buying $20 for the Hazop armor set, a Halo Reach armor that was supposed to be in the Battle Pass!!!

Anyone that buys it from the store or anything “predatory” shame on you and I’ll flip you off in real life at my TV.

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Just a reminder you could buy three new armors in Halo 4 for $2.99. Now $20 gets you one, some accessories, and a coating. And you can’t even use it if you haven’t paid $10 for the premium pass.

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I’ve said something similar before, and I’ll probably say something similar again, but they just need to rework the current system.
Armor doesn’t need to be free (at least, not most of it), and the shop doesn’t need to be removed.

Free Battle Pass:

  • Basic coatings, emblems, backdrops, stances, armor cores and visors are free.
  • At least 1 armor set in the Battle Pass and 1 of each item is available to unlock.
  • Each armor piece can have a different coating.
  • Every month, a model, armor piece, effect, AI, complex coating or other item is given for playing every mode a certain amount of times in the month (the type of item goes by a list, so you won’t see the same type until you’ve seen the other types).
  • Performance and medal-based XP.
  • Challenge swaps are a daily gift (5 each day) or unlimited.
  • Weekly challenges are greatly simplified (“Play 5 matches”, “Kill 15 enemies”…).
  • Ultimate weekly challenges no longer give items but XP.
  • Monthly challenges are added and have requirements like the current ones.
  • Ultimate monthly challenges are added and give models, armor pieces, effects, AIs, complex coatings, etc. (again, it goes by a list).


  • Prices for armor sets are $5 max.
  • All items can be seen.

Paid Battle Pass:

  • Everything that’s in the shop each season is included in the Battle Pass (armor sets, effects, models, AIs, coatings, etc.).
  • Challenge swaps and XP boosts are removed from the Battle Pass.
  • The Battle Pass price is increased to $40 (they could also make $10, $20 and $30 versions with 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the items, respectively).
  • Each $40 Battle Pass has at least 8 new armor sets.
  • The previous Battle Pass becomes $10 more expensive when the new season’s Battle Pass arrives, but the XP gain is increased 10x.
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Source please ?

I’ve only seen radio silence

They can stick the paywall up their a**; $60 used to get players full, complete games, and it still can. These live-service game models are gutter-trash, every single one of them.


Ok, so if I’m understanding correctly; you would prefer the pay wall to be to play the game?

It would be better than having to pay $1,000+ just to get some of what was included in the games when they were $60.

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I personally would, if it meant we got access to everything we used to get access to. it’s about what something is worth. I think $60 for a campaign, multiplayer with forge, customization, theater, and custom games is worth it. Don’t you? I don’t think $8 for Lucky Blue is worth, even if their idea is that me buying it will help pay for the game. My brain just can’t justify $8 for some coder changing a few hex values. It feels scummy.

If it meant having access to any and all armors, skins, and gear that releases for the game, indefinitely? I would definitely heavily consider it. This current system, with bundles being rotated in & out daily/ weekly to prey on people’s poor impulse control & fear of missing out, freaking sucks. Apparently, wanting Campaign included as a part of that is hoping for too much from these pathetic dev-teams & publishers nowadays…


Servers are expensive :upside_down_face:

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@ShinoKeiyakusha @SuperKittyLeia @KevChaos86
Fair enough, I can’t disagree with you there, but I do like that ftp will bring a lot of new players to the franchise (I know there is a lot of garbage that will come along with them).

You can have F2P elements with being as ridiculous as 343 has been. Why is there no armor you can unlock from the campaign “armor lockers”? Why do we have to essentially rebuy the same coatings for different armor cores? Why is there no way to earn credits in-game? Why do you not actually unlock the components in an armor kit? Why no ability to purchase items individually?

Other games have done this way better and yet 343 dropped the ball.


Defeated male leaves

Yep, definitely. It should have been in there. Why wasn’t it?

Go to YouTube and look up Sean W and 343 response to microtransactionsa on live stream it’s like a 7 minute video

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