The PAYWALL for ARMOR has to go!

Don’t get me wrong the Halo Infinite gameplay has been absolutely phenomenal and with the addition of more game modes I am excited to see 343i listening. They’ve been taking good corrective actions so far and I am happy with what I’ve seen so far. As of today, however, when I logged on checked to see what was in the shop just for look-sees I was abhorred to see that the HAZOP armor was up for $20.00 USD. This is the third time I have seen great armor set ups such as the soldier armor and the ANUBIS helmet stuck behind the same price. HAZOP and SOLDIER armors were not only free to unlock in the earlier HALO titles but were early unlocks, how can they keep justifying people having to pay a third of the games retail price every time we see armor, new or nostalgic, stuck behind this absolute ludicrous pay system. Give us the ability to unlock these, either through challenge sets, either campaign or multiplayer alike. The same thing can be said with weapons charms, why aren’t we incentivizing ranked play with these items. I don’t mind people having to pay for $2.00 or $5.00 weapon/vehicle skin packs. Having to pay $10 or $15 every time even for those are ridiculous. Why don’t we also have the ability to unlock credits through the battle pass or challenges and why do the weekly challenges give us a reward of backdrops and emblems rather than armor sets and weapon/vehicle skins, or weapons charms. I just don’t get it, this isn’t Fortnite it’s HALO we’ve had all this unlockable before and to put nostalgia glasses on people and lure them into buying this stuff is not only wrong but unjustifiable. Please fix this 343i. Thank you, let me know what all of you fellow Halo Players think, open discussion is the best discussion for progress!



I want my Hazop gear and I will not pay for it. I earned it gawd dam it why should I pay for something that feels mine. Why wasn’t it apart of the battlepass.


I totally agree with you, but please use the “Enter” key a few times in that post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Uh pal you Uh you need some spacing this


Doubtful that it’s going to go anywhere… Hope you at least can cope using the free stuff full time though.

Free stuff? Free players don’t get a freaking new helmet until lvl 81! Hell, paid players don’t have crap either unless they empty their wallets to the pigs at the top too, it’s disgusting. As Randy Marsh would say “They ain’t got no tegridy.”


The Pay wall has to go somewhere. Where should we put it?

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My guy, you need a spacebar.

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The multiplayer itself and passes

Wait until they drop the Hayabusa armor and people throw cash at them hand over fist and prove their system works as intended.


it’l all go away when 343/monesoft ceases the f2p model. but guess what? they have to get pay checks, thus food on the table. and another lambo for the higher ups

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Where have you been? :slight_smile:

pal spaces and periods are a thing for typing.

also theres no negotigni on the store not being there but prices on the bundles thats more negotiable

I guess nobody likes the default armor :pensive:

I’d like it a lot more if I didn’t see everyone wearing it. When everyone has some options, then wearing default feels like a choice, not something you’re forced into. And wearing default can actually make you stand out more in that case, depending on the game of course.

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Dude Halo 5 have us 48 default for choices . Halo Infinite dropped it down to 10. We went from 48 to 10… And now they are trying to re sell us brown and the other 37 default colors


This is true it does need to go cause I will not pay for this armour

i understand paying for old armor, since they’re not apart of the newer gen stuff. fine, whatever, though lowering the prices a lot for them would be nice -v-
but locking the new armor or armor for the default core is kinda annoying

Bottom of the mf ocean


Just the MK 7 the rest is meh