The PAX ViDoc, And campaign trailer?

People are unhappy with the fact that we have another ViDoc on the way, but let’s think about it for a second. ViDocs are a great way to show what really happens behind the scenes of these things, and is still a good way to show campaign elements. ViDocs exist because it gives fans a glimpse into the world of the games, how they are made, who made them and how they feel, which is actually rather crucial information for true game enthusiasts.

Secondly, last time i checked, there was nothing that said there wouldnt be a trailer to accompany the ViDoc. I could be wrong, and by all means, if i am, please let me know, but just because there is a ViDoc, it doesnt mean there won’t be any other footage.

Sorry about poor grammar, i’m on my phone on a bus, i may have missed a few things.

People are unhappy about the ViDoc? SHUN THE NONBELIEVERS!

I wonder if the trailer will be the covi and Promethean weapons?? i really hope not

I love ViDocs! I can’t wait to see the new one.

im happy with a vidoc!

Edit: Nevermind

It’s time we get a real trailer that showcases “Errr” thing. Not that I don’t want a vid. I gladly welcome it.