The Outside of Fragmentation is Enormous

I broke out of another map using Machinima Controls and its honestly kind of shocking how much stuff is out there. Like, no wonder the game has a tendency to -Yoink!- out and get laggy and have tons of desync when you’re basically playing the game on a campaign level.


The map designers didn’t seem to realize that they only need to render what will be viewable from the map itself and not have to render so much extra stuff.
In fact, most of the vista can be textured less if they add a fog distance effect to make it hazy.


Hello, person with game development experience here.

Static background objects do not have to be synced between game clients, therefore they do not, or at least should not contribute to the networking problems that trouble Halo Infinite.

There’s also no reason at all to believe that those background objects cause the game to crash, no reason at all. I’d say there’s almost no chance that that’s the reason unless they did something very, very wrong.


More reason to believe that 343 doesn’t know how to optimize jack.

Halo: Infinite has texture streaming always on, so I think it’s fair to assume that some of these things are lower resolution in normal gameplay than what we see here. You can get flying vehicles on this map which may explain some of this.

Great video and thanks for sharing. This kind of thing is cool to see. The playable areas look so small when you pan over it while sped up! This game has a good sense of scale.


That’s really interesting to see; thanks for sharing. When I saw the peripheral structures I was wondering if you could explore them.

The tunnels look so much cooler being able to see them from the outside. It makes me wish for more variety in existing architecture.


I’m curious, what should we take away from this from your perspective?

From a layman’s perspective, it seems shoddy/wasteful, but entirely possible that’s not the case. Fragmentation and Recharge ( for example just have massive outdoor environments that serve no conceivable purpose (unlike the Aquarius one where the extra areas seem to be detailed expanded interior environments that could be used at some point).

If you were developing a game, what purpose would these sprawling areas serve? Or are they just a byproduct and for whatever reason, it’s better to leave them there than remove them?

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Nothing, other than 343 doing their job right.

Those background objects exist to make the world feel real, to make it not feel like you’re playing inside of some kind of pocket dimension surrounded by void. On Fragmentation specifically there’s a lot of these background elements because players can fly up pretty high using flying vehicles and the Grapple Shot, they have to cover up more to maintain the illusion because of the player’s mobility.

It’s all there for you to look at.

Additionally, the cost of rendering plain, static terrain is so ludicrously low these days, it really doesn’t matter at all if there’s a little more than you technically need.


But with the game having the volume of problems that it does, especially when it comes to loading and desync and rendering textures in the middle of fights, does it not impact anything?

I know that when I look at certain spots on some maps my fps drops substantially if I scope in

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I can’t possibly tell you what exactly causes those problems other than that it most likely has something to do with what you’re specifically looking at.

I can tell you that it most likely isn’t caused by background terrain, which may not even be rendered due to object culling.

Probably a case that they were originally planning the map to be larger, possibly with large player numbers?

See if we can get out there in forge and slap some grids down we can walk on that. Sure the trees might be hard to look at but mean, for RP or Machinima porpuses. Dear God yeas.

Any grid lining that shows up cover with a rock. The trick will be getting out past the kill barriers.

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You know, that’s a good point. What if this kind of stuff is what held up forge mode to begin with

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Expand upon that thought I’d like to hear more please.

Perhaps, you can see in a concept art photo that there is a tiny Spartan on a massive portion of desert.

That has always been a nagging, but probably overly hopeful, thought.

A lot of the extra geometry does look like Forge objects. Happily phasing through each other for the desired effect.

There was an outside view of the map of Behemoth (I think by Unseen Halo). Pretty much everything looked like Forge objects except the terrain edited paths (that looked too advanced for Forge).


This is the thought that’s in the back of my mind. Does this say anything about Forge mode? Highpower has the same forge-esque giant rocks that are clearly one big object pasted around. I glitched out of the map and looked at them myself during theater mode a while back. I forget what I did but it involved the pit.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West has a similar appearance when you go outside of the map. While I suspect this stuff could involve Forge mode, I think it’s more likely that this is just a byproduct of the development process. Other games have this too where a pre-made object is sunken in to the ground which leaves some of it unseen in normal gameplay.

Let’s pray that also isn’t the case. How cool would a terrain editor be, since we’ve been asking for one since … Reach?

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That’s absolutely a pipe dream at this point, but in 10 years… maybe?