The outlines aren’t really needed

I think the outlines should only be for teammates and the enemy should have no outlines but rather red names above the player…mainly because it gets rid of the immersion of the game and all the previous ones before it…. and even player expression to a degree which is what 343 was originally going for… the outlines are too bright and most of the time from a distance you can’t tell what color anyones armor is anyway so it destroys the purpose of customization and so called player expression that was a major focus for this game… since RvB is no longer in game

Another issue it brings is not being able to detect shield levels as it blends in too much with which ever color you choose. Shields should go back to classic yellow to determine when they are stripped or popped in a quick manner…

If these aren’t possiblities for the final game which I think they should be at least let us be able to toggle off the outlines to distinguish shield depletions…


It has been confirmed that they are fixing the shield issue already. I agree with the outlines though. Just identify our teammates and leave the enemies unmarked.

As long as I can easily differentiate enemies from teammates. Don’t care too much how they do it.

I agree no outlines, I hope they add more options to remove them and use over head icons or Gamer tag instead.

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> I agree no outlines, I hope they add more options to remove them and use over head icons or Gamer tag instead.

Right I mean they are giving us all these options in the settings to toggle stuff off like bloom so why not outlines and obnoxious hit markers too

The outlines were jarring, maybe I could grow used to them but I would prefer not tbh. Will be interesting to see how it plays in the actual game though.

Yeah, please 343 just give us an option to toggle at least…

Get rid of the outlines, and give us blood!! (And classic motion tracker)

I feel the outlines should be toned down on your teammates, and outright removed on enemies. That way, you can still tell between them, but

  1. Stealth is now an option again.
  2. You can see their armor and coatings betting.
    Please 343 you can still have the microtransactions, and this would make them even easier to see.

Yea I agree. Please just give us a toggle option. The outline is honestly horrible.

Wow… I couldn’t agree more with you.
You practically read my mind. The outlines ruin the immersion completely.
How am I supposed to appreciate the armor and graphics with those unnecessary and distracting outlines? They make spartans look cartoony and strips the realism. The same goes for weapons.
Why not just use tags (codenames) above players? red for bad guys, blue/green for good guys.
Please I beg you 343, give us the option to toggle off. I’m sure many others will be grateful like me!