The Original Gangsters - Social Spartan Company

Hello we are The Original Gangsters, we are aimed to be a clan aimed at being highly social and will have a small competitive side for those interested but our main focus is to be social.

Plans are to have a team full of respectful, talkative, and over all social (of-course) fellow Spartans! We plan to play through missions on campaign, play custom games, forge (when it comes out in December, but there is still MCC for that), and even get “competitive” (mainly for s&g’s) with Arena or Warzone.

I also plan to get back into making fun machinima skits, comedy skits, or even music videos similar to HMVH that you can find on YouTube as it used to be on Halo 2/3 in the good old days!

Let me know if your interested and I will invite you! If you can’t reach me or any other founders on this here thread,
send me a message on here or XBL (Ricemakerr). So are you interested? Here is a short recap.

+Social Haven (Arena/Co-op/Warzone/Customs/Forge)
+Competitive ONLY for those who choose to be (Arena/Warzone/MLG)
+Custom Games (On 5 in December when forge is released other we will do specialized customs on HALO MCC)
+Forge (On 5 in in December when released, otherwise we will do our forge on HALO MCC)
+Streaming/MACHINIMA/Comedies/Music Videos
+Much more to come

Also please be of a mature age, as I would rate this clan as "M"

>>EDIT>> I stepped out for lunch so requests to join may be accepted with a delay >>EDIT>>