The Order of Influence for Halo

Sorry for the confusing thread title but it was the best way to describe what I think will help Halo be Halo regardless of what’s in it.

So basically after playing Halo for a while and seeing MANY threads surrounding the debates, ideas, and complaints before, during, and post launch of a Halo game I think that the next Halo, whatever it is needs to simply maintain a simple order of what can affect a game and to what extent.

What is that? I think it goes something like this:

  1. Power Weapons (including power vehicles)
  2. Equipment/AA
  3. Ordnance/Personal
  4. Special Items[/li][/list]

My belief is that if it goes back to this order of influence, regardless of what else they put in it it will maintain that Halo feel.

Often the reason people complain is because the number two spot is often moved and switched with other things, but almost no one will deny that the number one influence of a Halo match is the power weapons or the iconic Over Shields and Active Camo of older Halos. Things have clearly changed but that doesn’t have to compromise what I feel is a natural order to Halo match influence.

Do you guys feel similar, is there an order to what should be a major game changer and what shouldn’t be? If so do I have mine wrong? Another thing too, notice how different things are now that Power Weapons are so easily to acquire in these new Halos, it’s almost as often as regular weapons which kind of defeats the purpose of the power weapons being SPECIAL.

I think I get where you’re going, but for numbers 1 and 2 to mean anything, then 3 and 4 have to go bye bye. That’s just my opinion.

Personal ordnance shouldn’t be personal at all. I think it should be team based so that it influences the game better.