The order of Halo

Did anyone else notice the way Halo seems to go is ODST—>Reach—>1—>2—>3? ODST is the same year as reach but earlier and at the end of reach the Pillar Autumn leaves and during the credits you see the Halo ring. Now in Halo 1 you find the crashed Pillar Autumn and the story revolves around the first ring whilst in Halo 2 it revolves around the second. I havent played halo 3 but from what friends have told me it revolves around the 3rd ring. So in wouldn’t this mean that Bungie has jumped back in time?

Reach is a prequel to Halo 1. Everything in Reach is occuring before any other events in the other Halos. ODST takes place sometime between Halo 2 and Halo 3.

ODST takes place more during Halo 2, considering its time frame is the evening after the Prophet of Regret jumps to slipspace over New Mombassa.

Yeah, ODST is more parallel to Halo 2.

k thnx for the replies now i have my timeline for halo lol
EDIT: cause during the whole time of campaighn i was going but this already happened in halo 1. And is the halo 1 and 2 campain longer because odst and reach seemed very short to me?

ODST was definitely the shortest of them all…as for Reach I’m not really sure. But the general trend these days in nearly any game seems to have the Campaigns much shorter than they were back in Halo 1 & 2 days.

k cause ODST was only around 6 levels while Reach was close to 10.

Yeah, like it was stated earlier, Reach is the first game in the chronology. What most fail to realize, is that all of the Halo games, save Halo Wars, take place over a period of about 6 months. Halo Reach starts off in July 2552, while the last ‘action’ in Halo 3 takes place sometime in December 2552. The memorial scene in Halo 3 takes place in March 2553 though, and the final scene of Halo Reach shows Reach being re-colonized July 7th(Bungie Day) 2589.

The only thing that confuses me about all that is how time passes in Halo 2. Like, how long did it take Regret’s carrier, and In Amber Clad by proxy, to get to Delta Halo. And, how long it took Truth and the Master Chief aboard the Forerunner Keyship to get to Earth. And just when Johnson, Miranda, and the Arbiter got back. That area just seems kind of fuzzy for me.

According to Halopedia(I don’t know our exact sources on this, but I believe it’s the Encylopedia), IAC was en route from Earth to Delta Halo between October 20th 2552 and November 2nd.

The Keyship traveled from High Charity above Delta Halo to Sol system using no more than five days(November 3rd-8th) in Slipspace. The shorter travel time is due to the Forerunner’s far better Slipspace technology. After arriving in Sol System the keyship travels at speeds close to C, arriving at Earth on November 17th.

When exactly Miranda and Johnson arrive back at Earth is not clear, but we know that Johnson were at Earth interrogating Vergil on November 8th.

Generally, travel times between games and novels in the Halo Universe are a little fuzzy.