The Orbital Military Alliance is recruiting

About The Clan
O.M.A is a military based clan pretty
much our goal is to become a strong well knit organized clan. We run mainly on Halo 4 but once we have the members we will be creating side branches (teams) for games such as: Gears of war 3/judgment, Black Ops 2 and depending if the online servers are free we will run on Defiance in 2013.


  1. Do not disrespect players on the game
  2. No insubordination. (Follow Orders)
  3. Ask permission to speak during boot camp, training and clan matches to ensure we have good clean communication.
  4. Treat clan members the way you want them to treat you.
  5. No insulting any allied clan or enemy clan.
  6. Disrespect of a fellow clan member is nonnegotiable and will result in you being removed from the clan.
  7. No racist comments or sexual slurs are to be used.
  8. No T-bagging
  9. When in the presence of another clan you are expected to act serious.
  10. Respect your fellow clan mates.

Following these 10 simple rules, we can make O.M.A a both fun and fair clan for everyone and we are currently working on a website and YouTube channel.

1)No age restrictions. ( age does not prove loyalty)
2) Have a mic that you are at least able to hear out of.
3) Be able to follow orders.

If you are interested in joining O.M.A notify me on here or message 1 of these 4 gamer tags: Demonic Blitz, StormRaize, Lucifer666th, Dragon78xxx.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and just remember O.M.A wants you!

-Demonic Blitz