The opposite of my playstyle

As they say I have to ADAPT right?

Well this is what adapting means.

It means never engage a 1v1.

Even if you get shot once. The moment you do. Run away.

Pre nade everything.

Always make sure you use a nade for every kill because screw guns right?

Man. This is the most cowardly game I ever played. I come to Halo to push my skills not hide behind my teammate for every kill. It’s lame. I can’t wait till ranked FFA comes out so I can finally show off my skills properly.

I used to be agressive. Never running with any one. I was always the anchor now it’s almost impossible to be the anchor. This game took away all the fun of taking care of everything yourself. You notice it on the scoreboard no matter how good your doing you can’t carry anyone like you used to. You used to be able to win entire games by yourself in halo 5 (30 and 5 type stuff on a slayer match). Now that’s just not the case