The Only Weapon That Needs a Buff/Change in my Opinion is the Ravager

Hello, it’s me again.

I keep seeing a lot of threads about weapon tweaking, whether it’s buffing one thing or nerfing another.

In my opinion, and in my experience, the sandbox is extremely well tuned for a launch halo title. Like, legit this may be the most balanced weapon design sandbox in halo history. Nothing feels overpowered, and most of the “underpowered” weapons are likely Just victims of the hit registration and desync acting up many games, along with outright player skill. A lot of people aren’t using the weapons at their optimal range or in the way they’re intended, etc.

That is, except for the Ravager. See, in the flights the Ravager was VERY strong. Like, power weapon strong. It kind of overwhelmed anything on small cqc maps. So to compensate for this, they nerfed the damage per shot by I think about half. That means that it’s time to kill was dramatically increased to almost 2 seconds in a game where most weapons kill in roughly a second or faster.

This flat out castrates the weapon and makes it almost impossible to get a kill with by itself. Sure it’s still able to get melees with its blade bonus, and it’s charge shot is ok for pseudo-noob combos, But I feel like the gun could use some Slight degree of Damage increase with its normal shots. Or maybe a slight increase to the blast radius so it’s more of a carpet bombing mortar weapon. But something, because it’s widely agreed upon that the gun is so bad it’s not even worth picking up ever other than as a meme or absolute last resort.

Any opinions on this?


The hydra sucks even more.


I disagree, the hydra is a great vehicle killer and isn’t terrible at fighting infantry. It also has a one shot melee combo so it’s versatile.

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Ravager definitely needs some kind of buff. It’s just too weak for a tier 2 weapon.


I can agree with this to an extent. The DOT from a fully charged ravager shot doesn’t need to be changed. However, it does need a damage buff when firing it rapidly. It feels like I have to empty 3-4 shots (not projectiles) onto an enemy with a broken shield before it actually kills them.


I feel like they need to go back to how it worked in the flight at least for the rapid fire (AOE I think is fine) or at least back to a state that is similar to the flight. I honestly don’t get why it needed a nerf, it felt like it was in a good spot in the sandbox as if you still missed a shot or two someone with an AR could still kill you pretty easily and you had to be close to mid range to actually land your shots pretty consistently.

The only other weapon I think just needs a slight change it the Hydra’s tracking mode. I’m fine with the normal fire mode and I think both modes are fine for damage, but I still find the tracking to be pretty bad as you can’t curve it very much. I think it would be perfect if it could curve just a little more, doesn’t have to be much, but it doesn’t need to be crazy like Halo 5 even as much fun as it was to use.

I also think the Mangler doesn’t need a nerf, if anything just adjust the respawn time for it so it doesn’t pop up as much. Unless you can be up close or nail headshots for a 3 hit kill, you still can be killed quite easy if you’re not careful so nerfing it I think would hurt the Sandbox more than help.

Plasma pistol and Pulse Carbine still suck but that’s a discussion in itself. Pulse carbine isn’t horrible at range for taking down shields if the target isn’t moving crazy but that’s about it.

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I still don’t even know what to use the ravager for outside of splashing objective areas. It seems useless outside of that.

Hydra is amazing though…Stop using the lock on feature and free fire it. 3 shots to the dome is all you need.

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Ravenger and plasma pistol IMO, honestly with the pistol not being able to stun it needs a bit better use, just a stronger homing/splash would make it better, the fact you can side step it is laughable

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What about the disruptor? That gun is trash too

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If it was any better it would be overpowered. It’s best as a vehicle emp gun, but its also good for support fire in a teamshot. The DOT effect isn’t great but it can be useful in niche situations. If it did anything it does faster than it does now it would dominate in more than one area.

Eh, its not that bad. It slows enemy movement and it has a dot. You’re really not meant to use it as a primary.

try doing the hydra weapon drills and comeback here when done lmao

it’s pretty trash

I agree. 95% of any other complaints with other weapons basically comes down to someone not knowing what the ideal niche for the weapon is.

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It’s important to note that the weapon drills use outdated versions of the weapons, and a lot of the weapons in multiplayer Function better or worse than the drills show.

In practice the Hydra is a solid weapon, I don’t mind standing up for it. It’s not a power weapon and it’s not the best option in many situations, but it does have some really good niche applications. It’s effectiveness against warthogs and wasps alone makes it worth picking up if they’re also on the map. In smaller gametypes I just use it like I would the concussion rifle. It can one shot someone with no shields And get a one shot melee kill so that’s Pretty useful

I was quoting a dude talking about the Disruptor…

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