The only way NonVis ramks will go over well

The only way I can see this CSR actually meaning something to the competitive community is if waypoint viewed CSR can have a live tracking of your own as well as matched up players in the lobby with you. not this *:

This means nothing because the main point of ranks is to see how tough of a matchup you have in the pregame lobby…

If people wanted what was shown in the above link you wouldn’t see any complaints on waypoint because they can get a similar assessment from halotracker…

Considering this, 343i seems to just be wasting their time on rank support. Any alternative thoughts or comments?

You had me for a moment before you starting swearing and those links don’t work.

> You had me for a moment before you starting swearing and those links don’t work.

Perhaps you have a point, I was a tad emotional. I’ll edit for future readers.

Also, the links work for me… can anyone else confirm?

Honestly, I think people are over exaggerating the importance of having the ranks visible in game.
By having them in Waypoint, they offer most of the same benefits as if they were visible in game.
-Gives you an indicator as to your skill in various playlists.
-Gives you goals to work towards.
-Allows you to compare your rank with others.

The only thing it lacks is the ability to quickly -Yoinks!- your match…and in my experience, both from matches in Halo 3 and the forums, that only served as a springboard for complaints on how “flawed” the matchmaking system was. Not once did I see somebody marvel at how they were able to adjust their strategy or playstyle based on what ranks they saw, nor did I ever once see somebody actually exclaim any sort of gratitude for being able to realize that the people that triumphed over them happened to be quite a few ranks below them. It was always “matchmaking is broken” this and “bad 50” that.

On top of that…the prospect of splitting the playlists between ranked and social would only serve to split the dwindling population. While people have argued that Halo 3 had a healthier population…I haven’t seen anything linking that directly with having ranks or a ranked/social playlist split.