The only tip for Warzone you'll ever need.

Lesson to those who play Warzone.
This more pertains to the Warzone assault mode than the standard Warzone mode.
When you Lose a base and the computer tells you to fall back. Don’t Listen to it.The biggest advantage you have is that the enemy is on a Time Limit to capture your base. Also as defenders you will more likely have a higher Req score going into the second base. This is the time to spawn vehicles and power weapons.
Don’t Immediately retreat to the next base. Stand your ground and STALL. Every second you can keep the enemy from getting to the base is another second they cannot use to capture it from you. Make them fight for every inch of ground and pay for it dearly. When you die and respawn, don’t sit behind your base and shoot. Push up in front of it and get in as close to the enemy spawn as possible. Don’t let them organize pushes against you. Buy time for more teammates to respawn and advance with you.
And especially when you get to the last base. Sitting in the core room and trying to defend in such a small area is possibly the WORST tactic you can ever have. THis is the time when you need to be on full attack trying to push them out of the base. Call your large vehicles in and push out the hangar doors. Don’t just cower in the damn base HOPING that your BR fire will scare the Scorpion away. Cause it won’t. Not now, not ever. He will sit there in that tank and spawn kill you to his hearts content. Your only option is to spawn something big of your own and hope you can get it out the door and actively engage the enemy as they are trying to make it to your base.
So the next time the computer tells you that the base is lost. Tell it to pound sand and keep fighting at that base.

Good tip.

When i play with friends we grab warthogs all the time especially at the start of a new base defense to kill them as they approach and generally slow them down. What your saying is completely right.

The best defense is a good offense.