The only things I'm really wanting for mp

With the big surge of info for halo 4 there are a couple of things I started to think about regarding the new multiplayer. Some of the things that I liked from reach, like the dmr and assassinations being confirmed was great news, yes I was a bit annoyed that elites in mp is a dead concept now but I can live with it, but any sort of dead on confirmation that armor customization diversity and the existence of a unique female Spartan model in mp would be all it takes to sell me on the game’s multiplayer.

Now while I’m sure most people don’t mind armor customization I do know that the halo reach file share has made female spartans a bit of a rough subject. Just hear out my reasons before you start slinging mom’s basement cracks around.

Not only am I one of the probably semi-small community of actual women on reach, but I also use a female Spartan in combination with black/white and purple armor colors as a remembrance mark for my three good friends that were all girls that are now dead, so being able to keep that going would be great.

I’m not asking for the halo reach styled prostitutes in body armor look, but just some sort of physical difference, like say thinner stomach, semi-wider waist, etc. Nothing so big or so small that it affects hitboxes, but still a distinction.

It would definitely keep a bit of diversity, and it would add in a bit of diversity in machinimas, which we all know 343 does care about, leave your opinions, suggestions etc., especially ideas on how the two different genders could wear largely the same armor, yet still have a distinction

I would be surprised if they weren’t a female Spartan model. Actually I didn’t think the female model in Reach was bad. But the prostitute bit made me laugh.

Actually, my brother and I use the female spartan model when playing reach together. Not for the visual differences, but the audio. Its a tactic we picked up to know when the other is nearby withought having to look around. There are noticable differences in the Breathing/Running, falling, taking/recovering damage and dying…nothing cheap, just gives us a bit of an edge and helps us with our teamwork…hope they at least keep that