The Only thing Halo 4 Needs now...

Is some kind of sponsors. Or Person to Endorse it.

Like for example…

Old Spice Guy: “Hello Ladies… it is I… the man your man could smell like. I am Also the man your man could BE like. If you buy Old spice deodorant for your man, he will smell like me. If you make him buy Halo 4, he will be cool. Like me. Buy the Special Edition Scent and get bonus Credits/Exp in game and it will stop him from smelling like… You get the idea. Oh and Spartans always put on Old Spice before and after putting on their armor… They sweat up a storm in there…

Most Interesting Man In The World: “I don’t always play video games… But when I do… I play, Halo 4. Go Play it My Friends…

Justin Bieber: “Hey guys. I hear a lot of you dont like me… Well nows your chance to prove it… If you like me then purchase Halo 4 Standard copy on launch day. If you DON’T like me, then Pre-order AND get the Limited edition! If enough people pre-order i will quit my day job, and stop singing… FOREVER!!!

President Obama: “If you love elections, Hate Terrorist’s, Support your country, and want a good President… Then go buy Halo 4. If you want me as president… Go buy two copies of Halo 4.

Jeremy Clarkson: “Some say it had no true “Creators”. That it (Like god) is a superior being that just always existed. And Others say it is the secret to life and it has all the answers. All we know is its called Halo 4…”

The list could go on forever…

An absolute must!!

Though you’re forgetting someone… Sergeant Johnson!

Personally, I’d like to see Arby’s voice actor. Chief may have more screen time but Arby will always have the better quotes.

“I’m Commander Shepard and Halo 4 is my favourite game on the citadel.”

Peter from Family Guy should become a HALO 4 pro

Episode 1

> Peter from Family Guy should become a HALO 4 pro
> Episode 1


> Though you’re forgetting someone… Sergeant Johnson!

Just what I was going to say!