The only stupid thing!

he only thing I have found to be stupid and ridiculous in Halo 4 campaign…is


He got on the same damn ship as master cheif when they escaped the ring TOGETHER…

So where the hell is he!? He didnt die…so where is he now? still on forward unto dawn on requiem???

what the hell!?!?! talking about missing a huge point in the Halo story!

Ummm…he was in the front part of the ship that made it through the slipspace rupture. He was at Chief’s memorial at the end of Halo 3 and flew off back to the Elite homeworld, I believe.

How did you miss that?

Look it’s been 5 years since Halo 3, but you can’t have forgotten how in the very ending he was standing on Earth, with Lord Hood etc

the Dawn got ripped in 2 halves, one went through the portal (the front piece, with arbiter), and when the portal closed the back half (with chief) was left behind, floating in space


Walks into closet…locks door

Can’t tell if trolling or conveniently blacked out during the parts that dealt with the Arbiter in Halo 3’s ending…

To be more precise, the Arbiter is on Sanghelios trying to bring together all of the Sangheili. After the Prophets were gone, the Elites pretty much reverted to the way their society used to run. Kind of like ancient China/Rome.