The only people hurt by f2p

The only people hurt by halo going f2p are the fans that would have bought the game anyways.

These also happen to be the fans that love halo.

These also happen to be the people that have supported halo over the years.

I understand you dont “need” customization. But for the people who have played halo since day one its always been available.

Even halo ce let me pick my colour.

I dont understand why people keep defending the whole its free thing.

We didnt ask for it to be free. we didnt ask to have previous features removed and kid behind over priced pay walls.

The people who are upset are the ones that have supported halo when everyone else didnt. I dont care if your happy its free. This feels like a mobile game with the amount of monetization. The fans that have supported halo over the years deserved better. Its that simple.


and yet they ban us when we bring up criticism. Im suprised on not banned on new waypoint. I was banned years ago talking about the bad design choices in halo 5. I expect it to be the same here.


You didn’t ask for the game to be free? Well you got it for free anyway, so now you can take some of the money you have saved and buy something from the store.

People have been getting banned? I’ve seen posts get locked for a variety of reasons, but I’ve never noticed anyone actually banned yet, unless all traces of them are deleted.

Halo Infinite multi is only free to those who have not purchased the campaign. Otherwise in an alternate universe, where Infinite’s multiplayer was not free to play, the game still cost $60. In a way, multiplayer costs at least $10 as a separate entity. Without progression, multiplayer is a free trial. If you like it, you’ll probably pay for it.


It’s free for everybody. The campaign is sold as it’s own standalone $60 experience. Many games are sold without multiplayer nowadays.

Infinite cost 500 million to produce, they wouldn’t sell it all together for $60. This isn’t 2010 anymore.

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Then it should be marketed that way. The current way is dishonest and greedy. I wouldn’t mind paying more for an honest game. I wouldn’t mind paying for multiplayer as a separate title either, even if it meant I’d be paying the same amount as the current situation.

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Well video game nowadays are generally became an overlord simulator where almost everyone playing video game as a job over than just a mere hobby. Making video game f2p rather than p2p was rather became a stale move now while still upsetting many those who against those idea at the same time. It can’t be help but it still depressed to see how the way was over greed by monetization systems in general.

Speaking of “feels like a mobile game with the amount of monetization” you mentioned, mobile games AREN’T really a video game at all still but they just a mini video game imo (think of mini-game mode in video games but in devices way), yet even more people now are still supporting that kind of way than those who were hugely opposed and hurt by it even more, and thats how unbalance the needing was in horrible way as possible. Im sorry for your feeling but it is what it is, and if you hate it then you came at the wrong time and place because its not really your worth right now. There nothing we can do about those situation to begin with.

Noted: Sorry for my grammar, english isn’t my native. So correct me as you will

Why justify bad practice? The game clearly isnt built with fans in mind outside of there wallets

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Exactly. I would have paid for a complete game and I was not happy when it went the live service model since that for me is like the worst case scenario for me.

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