The only issue with this game

In my opinion the only issue with this game is no player collision.

(Other than the battle pass taking a year to complete)

The lack of player collision in social playlists prevents player jumping and awards players that are trying to escape and can just phase through others.

The lack of player collision in ranked playlists as stated above, awards players with the ability to phase through team mates if they are running away. This is a problem and does not go along with 343’s ideology of “things are earned in ranked.” You should not earn a get out of jail free card, You should not be able to morph into teammates, this allows players to hide and appear as one player. They have a poll on this forum and the majority opposed the lack of player collision.

Please return it 343, I hope it’s not like Halo 4 and Halo 5 where there is an unnecessary change to the game and ruins aspects of the game.

To finish this off I just wanted to thank yal for the time and effort put in this game. This is the most fun I’ve had since halo 3 .