The only game that will stray me from Halo

I’ve been playing Halo 5 for a while, and someimes play GTA V or MCC (hardly ever, though) and the only foreseeable game that will draw me away is Doom. I love Arena shooters, and Doom is awesome. I played the Alpha and it feels a lot like Halo. It is really fun.

That’s a cool story there OP. I’ll play DOOM mostly for its campaign and any decent custom campaign maps.

Sounds like my type of game my but by the time it comes out I will be neck deep in the devision

I’m not sure, obviously can’t talk about the Doom Alpha but the official footage looks interesting. I think the problem with Halo 5 is the limited amount of game-play value so it seems likely most people will eventually move away from Halo 5…I wouldn’t be surprised if the game becomes dead when Halo 6 released while Halo MCC keeps up a healthy population. Halo 5 has way too many mistakes at launch, far too depended on online only features and most of the game feels like farming for packs…which get tiresome, the whole clan system for a piece of armour seems ridiculous too since all it takes is one disagreement with a clan member then it can lead to losing out.

Why not both?

i play Halo a lot, but I play a lot of other games from different genres too. I certainly wouldnt say I’m straying from something I was never really attached to. (I do generally play H5 on a daily basis though.)

Hell, I’m usually on my 3DS playing classic Zelda games or Pokemon while I wait for matches to load in Halo.

Yeah, Doom looks amazing. Ridiculous how they included the beta key in Wolfenstein: The New Order copies over a year and a half ago and still haven’t had the beta though :frowning:

Next Elder Scroll all that will drag me from my ultimate goal of becoming The Demon. Go Halo!

The only games I am looking forward too are Halo Wars 2, well kinda i wasn’t all that into the first one but will buy it because it’s Halo and I like to build my Halo gamer score, and Mafia 3.