The only 4 problems I have

Let me just start off by saying I’m absolutely loving this game despite the common consensus on this forum being that the game is some kind of crime against humanity. The only problems I feel really need addressing are…

  1. The killcams…fix them! I personally like the idea of killcams but the ones in halo 4 don’t work! To the point of usually never showing them at all! And when they do show they’re only usually semi accurate 10% of the time. If they were having trouble implementing them they should have just patched them in at a later date.

  2. The lag can be pretty shocking at times but from game to game it can be very erratic especially on BTB (I don’t have the best Internet but it can handle every other game online but not halo 4 for some reason) a “search for best connection” would solve this instantly.

  3. More playlists…enough said.

I totally agree. I hope 343i does something about those problems soon.

whats the fourth issue?

I would say that the killcams don’t work becouse of the lag. They show what happened to you from the point of view of the enemy, but if you saw the enemy teleporting, also in the killcam it goes strange :wink:

I forgot! :frowning:

Yeah the lag and killcams are among my top concerns too.

The lag especially can be infuriating, here I am enjoying Spartan Ops on Heroic and doing a fine job and then the game literally goes into slideshow town. I try to compensate but I give up and usually for a good solid 1-2 minutes I cannot do anything.

Aside from that some weapon balance issues are around like why does the Assault Rifle have poor burst accuracy compared to the SAW? They should be reversed with the SAW having slower bloom recovery.

I don’t have any problems with network lag in HAlo 4.

I have problems with Frame Rate lag. It happens quite often and it’s extremely annoying.