The ONE thing that will save Halo

So far for our experience Halo 4 has been a hug letdown for Halo fans. The population has been at an all time low, do you know what the reason for that is? THERES NO SKILLED RANK SYSTEM. I cant emphasize how important it will be for the next Halo. Have you ever wondered why Halo 2 & 3 stood around for so long? THe rank system strived players to keep playing to get better.

343 thinks that the new CSR ranking system (which has been a disappointment) would stop cheating? There will always be cheaters in any videogame.

Lastly ranked & social playlists, what a brilliant idea by Bungie… Are you ever going to catch on 343? If you don’t feel like trying then play social and relax! Feel like trying to win? play ranked against other competitive players JUST LIKE YOU.

The rank system will be the difference maker in the next Halo. Don’t let history repeat itself 343.

> So far for our experience Halo 4 has been a hug letdown for Halo fans.

Not for this Halo fan. Also a skill based ranking system, while nice and is appreciated by many players, doesn’t make or break a game necessarily. CoD didn’t have a skill based ranking system till BOps 2 and its been beating Halo since the final year or two of H3.

New rank system will be nice but I don’t think it would single handedly save Halo. There’s many things that have to work besides CSR in game and ranking up.

With dedicated servers, who even knows if matchmaking will still exist?

I’m predicting that it will only be for competitive (and semi-competitive) playlists. I imagine that everything else will be run through dedicated servers.

Ranks don’t define a good or a bad Halo. Core gameplay and playlists do.
Don’t generalize saying that the lack of a ranking system is the only reason why population decreased so much. IMO the most important reasons that explain this low population are:
1)Halo is not as popular as it was in 2007. Nowadays, the ‘trendy’ game is CoD.
2)The core gameplay has changed too much in order to make it more accessible for CoD players. The vast majority of the community doesn’t accept Loadouts or Infinity gametypes.

And yes, I support having ranked playlists, as long as the rest are based on classic Halo, not on the aberration that is Infinity.