The One Thing I want for HALO 5

Search Setting’s
I don’t know if someone has covered this but I like many other players would want this in the matchmaking system.
Here are some examples that Should be in for Search Settings:
*Search speed:
Good Connection to Any connection
*Halo Reach’s:
Lonewolf, Team Player, etc.

Settings I would want!
*SOLO Matchup?
The ability for Solo Players to Be Matched with Solo Players!
Many of you will agree that getting matched against a Full Party is a challenge when your team is made up of nothing but solo’s. This has happened to me way to many times (Because I like to play by myself or all my friends are playing different games) and it just gets annoying.
*Skill Level
As the CSR ranking system may have done this already for Halo 4 but I would like this to be released with the game Next Time!

So Tell Me what do you think, Do you Agree or Disagree?

I suggest this thread: