The one thing I don't want in Infinite

From what I heard, there have been rumours of halo: Infinite being an open-world game, which I am fine with, would be great to explore the ring at your own pace. But there is one thing that I do not want in the game. RPG elements.

I do not want to deal with not any levelling up, armour upgrades, or skills that you require via levelling up. All I want is a pure FPS that is also Open World.

And it is easy, if you don’t want the player to go to one area yet, just have a light bridge be out, with you having to do a mission to put it back on. Or set up a Banished blockade that requires you to do some missions to acquire the nessacery vehicles and weapons to breakthrough. What I don’t want if for the player to go into an area, and then be killed because the enemies just happened to have a higher number.

At least that is my thought, I may be the minority on this,

I don’t think Halo will be like that. It doesn’t work if it became like Destiny. I think it may be an open world shooter with some upgrade elements. But who knows. We haven’t seen any gameplay. It won’t be much longer until we see some gameplay.

itd be pretty interesting but hard to pull off a FPSRPGMMO.

just saying that mouthful is complex.

I think it would be fun if it was open world and there was areas the campaign doesn’t take you to. Like the light bridge example could be fun, you find a cave under ground that leads to a terminal which unlocks this new area where you find Banshees or something, have it be like CE but expanded on a little.