The one "Flaw" That Does Make Me Sad.

I think as far as MM goes, this game does have its fair share of flaws. Does that make it the worst game of all time? No, and in my opinion, this game is far better than Reach could ever be. But something i just can’t get past, is when I play Big Team, and The map is good old Ragnarok. Brings back all my great memories of halo 3. I spawn in, maybe drop down for the sniper, but lets say someone beats me to it. all the power vehicles drive/fly off as well. No problem, i just go up to the top of the base and grab a BR and sticky grenades. …No, Wait, they aren’t there. There are no weapons in the base. I already have my Br, and so does everyone else. The base begins to feel like a plastic copy of a map i once loved. The only purpose the base could possibly serve for me, is for me to spawn in it, and run out of it. Well that, and to cower in fear in because of the Massive amount of power weapons that have now ravaged the landscape thanks to random weapon drops, ordinance drops, and giant mech robots. I understand the appeal of things like giant mechs,rockets, and snipers, but the thing is, when they engulf the landscape, they lose their ability to be desired. I just do not enjoy that feeling.

Agreed 100%. This game at its core is a good game if you remove all the gimmicks and return weapon pickups and make power weapons something to fight for, not something you can sit back for 10 mins of the game, pick off players with a cross mapping DMR and luck into a binary rifle…

That’s literally how i play the game, because it works. Sit back with a DMR. Kills add up. ordinance drop. Rockets. Free kills. Die. Rinse, repeat. Im all for change and different ideas, but ideas and gimmicks are two different things. One of the greatest things about halo 3 is how many different ways you could play the game, and if you were skilled, you would still be effective. BR’s were pro, but i couldn’t begin to count the amount of times i was AR’ed to death, or Dual Pistoled to death, or killed by someone on the back of a mongoose with a sniper, or whatever crazy way you wanted to achieve your kills. i went through a period of time where i would literally do nothing but blow up fusion coils with my mongoose beside them, so that i would get a super boost in a random direction and pray for a ridiculous splatter. And you know what? I got one every now and then. lol.

To me, I do kind of agree. Ragnarok is a map made for DMRing everyone and their dog. However, this brings a new kind of fun and adaptability. I enjoy trying to beat the system. It is true that I die a few times, but when I kill one it makes it totally worth it. There is always some way to play the way you want to, and for me that is continuing to use the BR no matter what