The Old Halo 6 Trailer Nobody Speaks Of

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So this may have been mentioned of once or twice and while people are stressing over Halo being a “good game” over a “good HALO game” and mechanics and all of that, I’m just watching lore videos and hyping myself for the development of a story I’ve loved for over 10 years.

And one thing I don’t see ANYONE mention, be it lore pros on YouTube, Reddit, or on here- is the existence of the trailer that debuted that wasn’t a release trailer, and which 343i had exclusively said it “Wasn’t Halo 5”. You all know the one, plenty of people hounded them for “false advertisement” and nobody admits they were wrong or that they just used it to throw shade at 343i for basically not being Bungie but here are the details:

  • John was cloaked and even more damaged armor, as if maintenance was far and few between. Either for protection or anonymity - His visor was cracked, something that only happened in a later part of Halo 5 - Cortana’s chip is shown, showing an increase in emotion in Chief as he encounters a buried guardian… Which is odd. As if its been there for a long while. - The guardian pulses Cortana’s signature light blueI don’t know this may already be a common connection made but I just didn’t forget about how many shills for hating on 343 used “false advertisement” as their largest shtick to pick with the saga’s advertisement campaigns.

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> that they just used it to throw shade at 343i for basically not being Bungie

What is it with this, sentiment?
Why is it that if i343 gets some form of critisism, or any of their games for that matter, you could almost bet that someone will at some point come in like:
“You’re just mad i343 isn’t Bungie”.
Could you perhaps share some insight on this, why you think it would matter to, whoever you’re aiming it at, and why you think it’s even relevant?

I don’t see the relevance to the announcement trailer you’re refering to, and Halo infinite.
Why would they make a trailer for Halo 6, when at that point, Halo 5 hadn’t even been announced?
Oh, as for that crack?
Halo Infinite Master Chief.

And of course, another jab at people who weren’t happy with the end product, and how it was advertised.

When did 343 say that trailer “wasn’t Halo 5”? I’m honestly asking because I don’t remember that. Besides, he was wearing Gen 2 armor, had the same crack he had in H5, and a Guardian was being un-buried, which is what happened during the events of H5. I just don’t see how that wasn’t a Halo 5 teaser trailer.

Also, I do remember youtubers talking about that trailer at length. I think HiddenXperia actually did speculate at one point that the trailer wasn’t for Halo 5. But as I said above, idk how that trailer isn’t tied to Halo 5.

Nobody speaks of the old Halo 6 trailer, because there is no such thing.

I don’t know where you got that 343i said the trailer wasn’t for Halo 5. That is, of course, technically true (because it didn’t announce Halo 5), even though anyone who has played Halo 5 can clearly tell that it was teasing Halo 5. The description on the official YouTube video clearly tells what it was for: “Halo: Watch the official announcement that Halo is coming exclusively to Xbox One. Your Journey Begins on Xbox One in 2014.” That’s all.

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