The Offline Ability of Halo 4

Does anyone know what will be playable offline in Halo 4? I’m in college and our schools internet connection has an intense filter which includes anything related to online gaming. I assume I’ll be able to play campaign mode and forge offline no problem. I have heard Spartan Ops requires gold as well as multiplayer. I was really hoping that I would be able to earn experience to buy new armor and abilities offline and transfer them to online when I am home. Or that Halo 4 has something like Halo: Reach’s credit system that you could buy things with the credits that you earned in any game mode. Can anyone clarify any of this? This game looks amazing from what I’ve been able to see. I just really hope 343i is as supportive of their offline community as they will be of their online community.

You can play multiplayer offline with 4 people. IDK about Spartan Ops though…

If i were you , i would buy a subscription to HideMyAss or any other VPN providers.

You can run it from your computer , connect to a different IP and then run an ethernet from your computer to the xbox (Creating a network bridge)

That would bypass the schools filter.

I’m offline also, Rural Mississippi is hard to get high speed, lol anyone got cheap fast internet options to try?
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Everything in Custom Games is unlocked. I don’t know if you will still earn points playing in Custom Games or Forge but I do know that both support 4 players.

Thanks I really hope that is the case. If nothing else it will give me something else to do after I’ve gone through the campaign enough.