The Official "Y Halo is Failing Thread"

Hopefully someone at 343 reads this because if they don’t understand this already and are making efforts to change this the game is dead anyway.

What made halo such a success in the past: The community. Plain and simple.

Every halo has had issues with it that’s undeniable. What made this bearable was having a community that still enjoyed the things the game had to offer.

What does a community need to thrive? 3 things:

  1. Leadership

  2. A Rally Point

  3. Hope

Halo 4 is suffering currently because it has none of these.

Leadership: To make leaders in Halo the game has always had ranks and tournaments. Halo 4 doesn’t have ranks, leaderboards, or a representative tournament. The pros (our celebs or figureheads) have quit because there aren’t tournaments, and there is no system in place whatsoever to replace these losses.

A Rally Point: This is the game play. In every previous halo no matter what was wrong with the game, there was an obvious set of settings that very serious players (the ones who put more time into YOUR game than anyone else) could go to the side and play. In this game there isn’t even an ability to make a consensus on what these settings should be. So when serious players can’t deal with the garbage that is matchmaking currently (Instaspawn, random weapons, boltshot start, every player can have camo, how much more do i need to list) we don’t even have ranks to make it more enjoyable or consensus “Pro” settings to make custom games bearable. How can a community rally around a game if the game is divisive in its self?

Hope: In every Halo previous there was the hope that playing a lot would reward you in someway. In this game there is none of that. There aren’t ranks or leaderboards players can brag to their friends about. There aren’t tournaments making it worthy for competitive players to stick around. AND THERE SURE ISN’T COMMUNICATION FROM THE DEVELOPER EXPLAINING HOW ANY OF THIS WILL BE FIXED OR WHEN.

It seems like 343 money grabbed with halo hard. Let’s release it before its tested so that it beats CoD to store shelves, lets release it with 2 or 3 playable maps so players will have to buy better ones.

Well now you see what that gets you from your community. Pro players in this game put out videos trashing the game. The community has virtually quit playing matchmaking, 100,000 in matchmaking on weekends was a minimum for halo 3. Today is seeing less than 50,000.

This game stole so much from CoD to try and get back it’s fans. (Sprint, loadouts) Why would you not take the things that halo made famous in the first place and CoD is now using to steal your players, (Ranks, competitive oriented playlists, leaderboards, even at a basic level a balanced sandbox of guns) On a side note: Why on earth did you make the DMR, a gun that has WAY TOO MUCH BULLET MAGNETISM, have a faster kill time than the Battle rifle? there’s almost no reason to use the BR so why would you include it at all?

343 this game is on it’s last legs with many players, especially with MLG recently saying it will abandon the game that made it famous and many OF YOUR HALO PROS saying they think CoD is better and want to switch. IF YOU DON’T ADDRESS (With a message to players concerning what you’ll do to fix the game) MANY OF THE ISSUES I’VE LISTED OUT FOR YOU ABOVE SOON THIS GAME WILL DIE BEFORE YOU EVEN PUT OUT YOUR TOO LITTLE TOO LATE TITLE UPDATE IN A MONTH.

Remember you have a game you can freely advertise all upcoming changes to with messages when they log on. But, you don’t do that, you talk about spartan ops or what you changed today, not what your plan of action to fix the many real concerns a very vocal part of your fan base has.


A concerned Halo veteran of 9 years