The Official WCCN Post-Carnage Thread

Welcome to The “Official” Waypoint Community Carnage Night Post-Carnage Thread!

You can call it WCCN Post-Carnage Thread if you want, too…

I got the pictures (a few ones), and now, i’m just gonna have to upload them to my Fileshare so i can get them into my laptop, 5 pictures at a time, since i don’t have Bungie Pro, i recently took all the pictures i could from the Temptation Map we did on Matchmaking (Anyone remember the lonely random player? hehehe…) And i can say it was pretty fun, if you find yourself on a picture, be sure to tell everyone where you are on the pic, but i’m sure everyone will recognize Skullydirt, the only Inheritor that day, or Greenskull. It’s not that hard to find yourself the pictures since you can see them better here.

Enough. I’ll keep on.

What i do need is a way to show the pictures, nicely. I Don’t want to put them into a Zip or Rar File so you can download it, it’s something i want to share with the community in general. Enfinit told me to put them into a video montage. But i’ll tell the truth, I Suck on that thing. I’ll try to do it though, but if anyone else offers Him/Herself to help doing the Montage, i would apreciate it; And since it’s for the Whole community, it should be made By the Community. I believe that Squatting Turtle can help me with the video stuff.

Now, i’ll edit this post as soon as i concrete information about how i can deliver the media. Be Patient.

EDIT: Here they are, i’m still trying to display them somewhere else so i can add a name and Description. Anyway, they’re quite cool, go check it out, you might find yourself in more than one picture!: