The Official "Mythic Difficulty" thread for Halo: 343i

Greetings, 343 Community!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my work, I go by the online alias of “Tyrant” on and have authored Halo-based walkthroughs showcased on both HBO and YouTube for the last four years. Now, with Bungie slowly starting to move away from the Halo franchise, it’s time to allow 343 to carry the torch, and with it, I bring to you the challenge of Mythic Difficulty (Legendary + all skulls on + no deaths or saves).

I would love to hear from you all in regards to how YOU would like to see 343i reward players for completing this challenge, not just for future Halo games, but also for current ones. If you have been a contender of Mythic in previous Halo titles, how far did you get? What did you enjoy about it? Did you prefer doing it solo or with friends (still no deaths on co-op btw)?

For reference, below are the threads for the 3 Mythic Halo games, each containing links to its respective HBO walkthrough. I look forward to hearing from you to expand on the Mythic experience for both us AND future Halo generations!

Halo 3 Mythic Difficulty

Halo 3: ODST Mythic Difficulty

Halo: Reach Mythic Difficulty

> If you have been a contender of Mythic in previous Halo titles, how far did you get? What did you enjoy about it? Did you prefer doing it solo or with friends (still no deaths on co-op btw)?

Mythic Conqueror of all three games here, both solo and 2 of the 3 games on co-op Mythic.
I initially began my Halo 3 quest way back in 2008 and struggled on for a while. I saw the thread Tyrant made, youtube’d a Floodgate SLASO run and did it for myself. That’s how my quest began, I then jumped into the thread and stuck with the people untill I finished. Then stayed to help other people.
Nearly came to a breaking point with The Ark, but I ventured on and conquered it. I actually remember beating Sierra 117 on my birthday, which I thought was pretty cool. Revisited some of my missions and actually began speedrunning on Mythic. The competition of speedrunning is a great thing. Being able to attempt to get and hold the fastest time on a mission, especially on Mythic Difficulty is an amazing feeling, even if its only for a short while. It was actually pretty hard to get a speedrun record on Halo 3, due to Pahat Pojat being way too good at the game.
Anyway, in time Mythic got more and more attention, as I joined the gang very early on, there was only 3-4 of us around at most. In time, more people joined. I met Gazas who was the 9th Halo 3 Mythic Conqueror (I was 5th), and we began co-op.
Co-op Mythic was the most fun thing I’ve ever done on Halo 3 ever. We were actually inspired to do it by a Halocharts competition which rewarded the first pair to Recon (which we won, but we also won the SMRC so we got 2x Recon). We ploughed through the entire campaign in 3 days, pulling 6 (yes, 6!) in one day. Eventually, Halo 3: ODST was released and we all moved on to this campaign.

Halo 3: ODST was by far the easiest Campaign on Mythic. We were all able to pretty much destroy the campaign, apart from the dreaded Coastal Highway. Coastal Highway is a mission which should be burnt and shouldn’t exist. It relied on factors which were beyond the players control. Defending the Oliphant as well as trying to stay alive against; Ghosts, Wraiths, Shades and Banshee’s was ridiculously hard. However, it is possible and it was conquered.

Keeping the tradition, Gazas and I went back and played through this game on co-op Mythic. Nearly stopping at Data Hive due to how boring it is. We got together one last time, and beat Data Hive and Coastal Highway. Shockingly, we completed Coastal Highway on our first attempt, which was great.
A long time passed with nowhere to go for any new Mythic, so a lot of us revisited our runs in Halo 3 + ODST speedrunning etc.

Eventually, Reach was released. After failing a few days at Solo Legendary, I begun Mythic. I have to honestly admit, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the other two. Halo 3 was just so much fun I still play it to date.
Anyway, completed Winter Contingency, and got stuck on Nightfall for a long time. I managed to reach the very end many times, only to get overwhelmed by all the Elites + Shades at the end. Then, Legendary smile made a discovery which changed Reach drastically. I’m sure you’re all familar with the “Forklift Trick”. Yeah, Legendary smile discovered it, and it made my quest ten times easier.
Once Nightfall was out of the way, I managed to catch up with everyone else and push every mission except LNoS and PoA out in a week.
I then realised, I was in the competition for the number one spot. As nobody else had finished LNoS or PoA. Things began to get real interesting and fun. Things heated up and eventually people started to heavily damage the missions but nobody was able to finish them. After weeks of hacking away, AuraSoldier finished LNoS and Legendary smile finished PoA at roughly the same time. Anyway, more time passed and Legendary finished LNoS. I eventually finished up LNoS and moved on to PoA with Aura. The race was on for 2nd place.

I was at the, what I call, God Elites on Pillar of Autumn. I pause for a moment to compose myself, things get tense you know. I check the main Mythic thread over on, and see AuraSoldier had literally just finished. I was quite annoyed, but extremely thrilled at myself for coming this close and the competition was amazing. I eventually finished up Pillar of Autumn the next day, becoming the third Mythic conqueror on Reach.

Never got around to finishing co-op on Reach, moved country so couldn’t connect to Gazas anymore without intense lag. We managed all missions up to The Package.

tl;dr - Mythic was and still is the greatest experience I’ve ever had on any video game to date. The challenge, the fun, the emotions, the intense competition and everything combined together is just overwhelming and it’s what keeps bringing me back. Even if I don’t speedrun Reach, I still enjoy it.

I done one Mythic journey before(No deaths solo) and that was for Halo 2.

Well I plan to do a Halo Mythic Journey for the other games aswell, Solo.
That includes Halo Wars with all the skulls that increase your score.(It’s the skulls that make the game harder)

A reward you say…? What about some exclusive Mythic avatar swag?

As a general comment:


That aside, I like Mythic. After you get used to Legendary its the next logical step. My current claim to fame is speedrun record holder on 7 out of 9 individual missions on Reach and the lowest overall time at just 3 hours, 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Did both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST Mythic Solo too. Hold the record for Prepare to Drop on Mythic :smiley:

> A reward you say…? What about some exclusive Mythic avatar swag?

I concur. This is an excellent idea and provides additional motivation.

I’m a relative newcommer to Mythic, but have really grown to love it over the past couple months. I’ve completed the first 4 missions in Reach, and am currently working on my routines for Long Night of Solace, Exodus, and New Alexandria. I’ve also released my own Mythic guides for the first 4 missions in Reach.

As far as what Mythic support I would like to see in the future, the idea of Avatar awards, custom nameplates, or (fingers crossed) exclusive in-game armor would be fantastic. Just a little something to show off your accomplishment.

It would also be nice to have a simple “Mythic” setting in the difficulty menue. Minor wish, but it would be nice.

Im also looking forward to working on Mythic right from the start with the next Halo game. I’m totally blown away by the techniques and strategies discovered by people like Tyrant and Ultimate RC. By the time I got into Mythic in Reach, every mission had already been conquered. I wonder if I’ll be able to make any discoveries in the next Halo :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work Tyrant.

Halo 3 Mythic Conqueror #11
Halo 3: ODST Conqueror #2
Halo: Reach Conqueror #2

Been a lot of fun these past few years in the Mythic department. Definately want to see skulls making a return in a new Halo game.

I completed it all in one run one day after multiple days of trying. No deaths all skulls on your guide was a great help but at some points i was able to bypass the waiting.

Just wanted to say thanks and good luck to anyone else that tries it took me months to finally do it all together.

Very nice guides. They’ve been very helpful to me when doing Bungie’s LASO challenges. I haven’t done much in the way of Mythic playthroughs yet, but I was able to do Uplift Reserve on Mythic with the help of your guide. (And that’s the easiest Mythic mission? There were certainly some parts of that level that I kept having trouble with.) I have a question for you though. When I did this week’s LASO run on New Alexandria, I ran into a big difference when in the hospital compared to your guide. After blowing the jammer, the jet-pack Elites never showed up. I saw one stuck behind a glass door, and the rest where in the stairs at the start of the building. Have you ever run into that before? Because of that, I wasn’t able to use your strategy you give in the guide. That might be a situation that would be useful to put into your guide if enough other people have run into that same problem.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Expect lots of future content regarding Mythic and Halo :slight_smile:

I am not a very big fan of doing Mythic runs, however I do admire the skill and effort required to make those videos. Kudos for you, Tyrant!

Glad you enjoy watching them :slight_smile: More to arrive soon!

Nice to see more big hitters in the Halo community making their way over here to the 343i forums!

I have great confidence in 343 Industries’ ability to produce high quality gamage for the Halo community. Bungie did the franchise well for the past decade, and now I feel they past off the torch into very capable hands. I tip my hat to both parties and am looking forward to the new Halo titles :slight_smile:

I started Reach Mythic a while ago and want to continue at some point soon, however I don;t even know where to post for my quest anymore. Tyrant, can you or one of the others point me in the right direction?