The Official Halo character of the week Thread !!!

So i made this thread for the main reason into honering every halo character alive and dead. Every week we will have one character and idolize him/her by talking about there history and honering them. So we will try first of by a vote, this is how the nominees work, i will moniter this thread from now on, and i will make a poll of three characters in halo. Lets start of by a poll i will put up, you guys may discuss about that person and why he should be character of the week. Hey i made this thread so we can actually have something to do in the forums. Im bored so lets make a character of the week (lol).

First candidates: The week of march 5th

  1. Vice Admiral Preston Cole.

  2. Cortana.

  3. Miranda Keyes.

  4. Jacob Keyes.

Lets begin with characters that are well known but not too significant. Miranda Keyes.

I have had mixed opinions on Miranda Keyes throughout the Halo series…

Initially, to be honest, I found her pretty dull; ok so she was sweet crying over her father, and ballsy flying the In Amber Clad and jumping after Regret, but there was still something missing - I never liked her as much as Jacob Keyes and I wasnt sure why…

It was only her appearance in Halo 3 in the epic landing of the Forward Unto Dawn that something clicked… maybe it was seeing just how many people and the sheer size of the frigate that I suddenly gave her so much more respect.

Her hesitation over killing Johnson when her rescue mission goes FUBAR felt a little… I dunno… lame in the game?

I know Johnson is one of my favourite characters, but still it would be crappy to see him of all people, being used to activate the halo’s given his determination to protect humanities (yes, I did nearly cry when he did activate it and then die sniff). Shooting him in the head would have been kinder, but she couldn’t do it and eventually she payed the price by being killed herself.

After the confirmation in the Reach Legendary Notebook that she was Halsey’s daughter, you can see that she may have had the potential to be that hardened person who killed Johnson, but ultimately, she was more like her father because I dont imagine Jacob Keyes could have shot a man in that situation either…

Regret says that her hesitation proves that humanity is weak, and that was why they were left behind by the Forerunners, I say that this compassion may be what sets humanity apart.

(oh and FYI, I havent read Cryptum yet, so please minimise any spoiler feedback in here or use the roll-overs thanks!)

Miranda Keyes it is !

  1. She is the daughter of both the most smartest female at the time, and the best human commander at the time concernign the lack of human commanders.