The ODST Helmet In Heroes Of "Reach" Is From Halo 3 ODST

Edit: It’s actually the Halo 3 ODST version. Thank you Fos_Kuvol for pointing that out.

As someone in a post i’ve made said, the ODST helmet in Halo Infinite is not the Halo Reach version, but the one from Halo 3. I decided to check the helmet in Infinite right now, and compare it to the helmet variants online. Indeed it’s the Halo 3 helmet and not the one found in Halo Reach. Odd to have the H3 variant in a battle pass for Halo REACH’s armors. I don’t mind it since any ODST helmet is fine with me, but it is odd and I wanted to bring it up. Maybe the Halo Reach ODST helmet can be added in for the Mark VII armor? That’d be great.


The Superintendent isn’t from Reach either.

What’s your point?


I’ve got to be blind or something as I can barely make out any real discernible difference between the two.

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As I said, I don’t mind it and just wanted to bring it up.

There’s very tiny differences overall.

The biggest difference IMOis the “ear pieces” are different shapes:

  • Halo 3 has a trapezoidal indentation

  • Reach had a circular groove like “switch”

It’s easiest seen in MCC. I’m actually kinda shocked I missed this, when I bought my first prop ODST helmet I actually spent about a month trying to figure out which variant I wanted more :joy:

Overall the helmet itself isn’t really a specific variant as much as it’s an amalgamation of a few different variants.


It’s not even the Halo 3 one, it’s the Halo 3 ODST one. In Halo 3 the helmet comes to a lot of sharp points, but they were all smoothed out in ODST, since the ODSTs were the main front and center characters so their helmets were given more polish.

If I had to guess why it was done, it would be because ODSTs version of the helmet is the most iconic.


So I did a comparison collage between the 3 variants of ODST (Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo Infinite).

The Helmet is definitely not Halo Reach’s variant and it’s definitely not Halo 3’s variant, but has a few crossovers from each. The big takeaway from Halo 3 is the rounded top, but the majority of the details are definitely modeled around Halo Reach’s.

I tried getting some decent Halo 3: ODST screenshots, but I don’t have a friend to get decent shots with. But from what I could see the Halo 3: ODST helmet really only switches up the nose curve on the visor and the ear cup details from the Halo 3 model.

Its called heroes of REACH do you seriously not get their point?

No, no, I do. But there’s clearly enough mixed 3 and Reach content that it doesn’t matter.

All the armor that is in the Reach armor core, is from halo reach ONLY. Except that one odst helmet which they ripped from odst, or modeled after the ODST game instead

It really isn’t though. About the only thing it has in common with the Halo 3/ODST model is the rounded top profile, the rest is heavily Reach inspired. It’s really an amalgamation of concepts making it its own unique variant.

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And it’s a very good variant.

lmao y’all always ALWAYS out here like “oh it’s just a port” it literally isn’t.

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