The ODST 35th Battalion

Hello, I’m EWOKVSWOOWOO (Ewok for short) and I’m a private in the ODST 35th Battalion. We are a laid back clan that focuses on fun and teamwork.

We are small, so much attention is giving, and doing good is not without reward. You will rank up quickly, yet still feel challenged and enthusiastic about it.

Our forum ( ) is a little place where we all get together and have fun or talk business. We have weekly events (practice, game night) which aren’t mandatory, but is a blast if you show up. These are organised on the site. We also have fun threads where we talk about nothing in particular.

So, if you’re interested in meeting some new friends and having a good time in Halo, send me (EWOKVSWOOWOO) a message on Xbox Live.

I sincerely hope that you will decide to join our team.

With Regards,