The obvious answer to this game's downfall

Let me start by saying that this post comes from a place of love. I have been with Halo since literally day 1, a 12 year old who was mesmerized by the sheer genius flow of this game. It has come a long way since then, and many of us are scared that this is the end of Halo as we know it.

You guys are hemorrhaging players by the day, the roadmap didn’t do much for that. It’s to the point where my friends actually bust my balls for even enjoying halo myself.

After reading a few articles and watching the Steam charts plummet, I asked myself: what would it take to get players back on this game? What would it take to keep them playing if they do come back? In my opinion, what we need are MAPS.

Forge is necessary, I understand that some of the younger and more casual players will get a ton of enjoyment out of the Forge. However, every person I have spoken to about Halo Infinite is playing this game for the sake of competition. I understand that my sample of competitive friends may not accurately represent your entire player base, but Halo is, by nature, a competitive outlet. The only way to hook these competitive players is through more content.

Game modes are a crucial part of this competition as well, but if people heard there were 5 new arena maps being released, they would absolutely hop back on Halo to give it another shot; one jump-start like that could snowball into a massive player-base. Map variety is the single most potent weapon that you have in your re-playability arsenal. In it’s current form, matchmaking gets insultingly bland. Playing Bazaar 4 times in a row would make anyone want to quit this game (that map blows chunks). Even my favorite map, which is probably Aquarius, gets old very quickly when I’m playing it 20% of the time.

Is there something I’m missing here? Does map creation really require that many resources? It seems to me that you could build 50 new maps with the time it is taking to get the Forge going.

Implement old maps, make some new ones, whatever you need to do. The roadmap says otherwise, but while you guys are admiring your “best Halo experience ever,” you’re also managing to lose everyone who has ever enjoyed this series.


I think you are mostly right with this one.

Like @ske7ch said there are some fundamental issues almost at a macro level plaguing this game. Right now, the maps we have are not unique enough and it feels as every map more or less plays the same.

When playing through the classics you really get the feeling that every map was made to play and feel unique. When i play Infinite i just feel like I’m playing the same three lane map on repeat with different set pieces.

To make matters worse the only time you can actually use vehicles which is fundamentally a big part of Halo is in Big Team Battle. Super Boneheaded design decision in my opinion.

I think what it comes down to is 343i is up to their neck in technical debt. they don’t have time to focus on the things we actually care about. I hate to even say that but it’s really what it is.

As we speak customs don’t work like they should and the UI breaks constantly. If they added forge tomorrow 10/1 you wouldn’t even be able to save your maps.

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Yeah that’s for sure. It’s just surprising/nauseating that no one has come to the conclusion that they’re focusing on the wrong things…

Co op campaign? That will get a few people back on halo for a few hours, sure. But what happens after that? Is all of the work associated with campaign co-op worth the few hours per player that they are going to gain? It sure doesn’t seem that way.

The goal should be content that is fun for weeks or months on end imo. Co-op campaign does not fit the bill. A cool feature, sure. Maybe they should have thought of that one before everyone beat the campaign. At this stage in the game it’s just a misallocation of resources.