The Number 1 Problem with Forge

Forge: We all love it. There’s no doubt about that.

Halo 4 had some great ideas that unfortunately, weren’t implemented as good as they should have. Either way, I’ve been seeing some excellent maps come out of Halo 4’s Forge.

But, my biggest problem with Forge starts with Reach. The reason why Halo 3 Custom Games were so good is not because of the Custom Games options, but because of it’s Forge Properties. All of Halo 3’s objects were interactive, allowing for a plethora of physics based custom games. The Train, Shut the Base, Saw, Journey, Jenga are some to name a few.

In Halo Reach Bungie added the three physics options, which were great. The problem is that the “Normal” option is unfortunately, a variation of Fixed. Objects don’t have the wild physics like they did in Halo 3. In fact, they don’t move at all after you place them down. This even carried over into Halo 4.

It’s actually quite ridiculous Bungie thought it would be a good idea to do that. As, if we wanted an object to stay still, we’d used fixed like it’s name implies. So, with 343i having their hands full readying a TU, Playlists, and the Castle Map Pack, I’d see it to be unlikely to be implemented into Halo 4.

So, for Halo 5, I am asking you 343i, to change the Normal Physics option to actually make the objects conttinually interactive after they are placed.

I believe the number 1 problem with Halo 4’s forge is that we don’t have a good forge map. What I mean by that is just a big open, even space like Halo 3’s Foundry and Sandbox maps. We have to work with maps with different hills and heights, it’s hard to make a good map when you spend half the budget on making a floor.

I know this is the number 1 problem because I couldn’t make my own maze/obstacle as long as I wanted it to be. Still good map, but can be done in 12-15 minutes if you now what to do.

I agree, but other things they could change as well. If I was a part of 343i, I would look into older halo games and think about what they have that made the game so fun and put it into a newer version of a halo game. like how halo 3 was created.
It will just take baby steps for 343i to learn(hopefully).

Id say the number 1 problem is sandbox balance, but Im not going to go into full detail on all the problems with it as I think people already have a general idea of what works and what doesnt.

Except Sandbox balance has nothing to do with Forge