The Nova National Empire is Recruiting now

The Nova National Empire (NNE)
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Spartan Company
-Nova National Empire

Welcome to NNE’s Halo Division

Hello everyone, my name is king chaos 216 and i’m the Prime Chieftain of The Nova National Empire. NNE is currently on Halo 5 with a vision and a goal. We hope to create a home for casual and competitive players alike and to become the best at what we do. NNE has the best council and Field Officers to lead in the right direction. We will become more organized and more efficient while still having fun.

NNE follows standard Army, Marine and Navy ranking structure.

Under the guidance of the High Council NNE has three main branches that work together with one another.
-Knights are the main infantry of the Nova National Empire.
-Warmongers deal with special warfare .
-Reapers activities/missions classified.

Are you tired of playing alone with NNE you don’t have to we also have leadership positions for those who desire to lead and if you want a ton a friends to play with you around the clock NNE can provide it for you.

Here is just a few things that NNE offers.
*An outstanding website
*regular matchmaking sessions
*Excellent Chain of Command (No favoritism at all what you put in is what you get back)
*A well put together and intriguing ranking system
*A chance to lead your very own Battalion or Fireteam
*A fun laid back environment
*A clan that works with you.

Clan Requirements:
__*__Must be 14 years of age or older
*Must contribute
*Must send unique join request
*Must follow the Chain of Command

NNE was once home to over 130 Spartans but due to war and inactivity that number has dropped but now it is our time to continue our ascent and with the Halo Clan Community at constant odds with one another there isn’t a better time. Will you answer the call? Will you join the Nova National Empire on its way to the top? will you be there when NNE makes history? we welcome all in the Empire and would be happy to have you. if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time I will respond ASAP.

My Regards
king chaos 216