The "No more Halo 4 DLC" Peitition!

Halo 4 released a month and a week ago (can you believe it went by that fast?), and besides being a little too short and Spartan Op’s not living up to the high expectation, it’s a fabulous game and has put new life in the Halo universe.

The problem is, Spartan Ops which is a good time killer is not worth the time and effort to expand on. The story is forgettable and the missions are bare. If 343 does a second season not only would it be a mistake, it would lessen their image, and take away from anything their gonna do next. With 4 months left of solid DLC, is anyone really asking for more? IMO Halo 4 has just the right amount of content and anymore would be overkill. What do you guys think?

Are you serious? No game can survive without DLC. And noone is forcing you to buy DLC maps or play spartan ops. Personally I would’ve already refunded the game if future DLC and Sops didn’t keep my hopes up to improve the game, as I’m not completely satisfied with it yet, and a lot of other players are in the same boat as me.

Without additional content, the game just gets more boring and you have little to no intensive to play.

The majority of people are sick of every game being on Haven or Ragnarock, so new maps that are actually worth playing are a requirement. If you want to keep this game alive, then keep updating it.

even halo 2 had a map pack. i really dont see a problem with DLC. it keeps things going in a game and adds to longevity, it also shows that a developer hasnt just quit working with the game.

Lol, petition to stop dlc, when there is 2 map packs coming out next year.

“No game can survive without DLC” Halo as did pretty much every game before the “internet age” of console gaming did…

> “No game can survive without DLC” Halo as did pretty much every game before the “internet age” of console gaming did…

While this is true, back in the day - games contained more content for replayability. Look at something like Legend of Zelda series, tons of side quests to give the player lots to do and with various different ways to do them.

These days, games have less content so they can make more money from DLCs. Gaming is still a business after all, so you have to make money where you can.

> Are you serious? No game can survive without DLC.

Forge + Matchmaking.

I have no issues with DLC though. Granted, I think the maps are not going to be played as often because most people don’t buy the maps, but I still don’t mind 'em.

Looks like the petition warriors are out tonight.

I am starting to wonder why some people are allowed internet access with these kinds of posts and the intentions behind them.


You know, I remember the days when if a Gamer didnt like a game, they would just trade it in and move on

There is a fine line between giving feedback hoping that a game you enjoy can be made better or fixed, and being a total numpty thinking that a “petition” will make a difference

Move on, either play the game or get rid of it and play something else…its very easy to do

Petitions aren’t allowed. Sorry, going to have to lock this thread.