The next halo should be available on xbox 360

In my opinion, 343 should make the next halo available to xbox 360. As of now, it is exclusive to xbox one, which i will not be able to afford, and i am sure that i am not the only one. Any other opinions?

yes i think this is bull they are making it that you have to buy more stuff when most of us have put so much money into our 360’s and now this i think this will be then end of the money i put into halo and xbox.

No, no, and no. If Halo, their flagship title, was put on both platforms it would take a huge stab in the sales of the Xbox One.

“Halo Xbox One”

That would be very bad for sales. Anyways, this console has been available for eight years. That hardware is getting old. They can do more with newer tech and the next Halo will probably be released in late 2014, which is over one year from now, lots of time.

What sort of reasoning would you present that it should be on X360? The title itself says Halo: Xbox One.

There’s no point in making it for the 360. There’s a brand new console coming out before it’s released, so it would only make sense to put the new game on the new console. It helps sell the console, and the game is better because the XBone is able to do more.

I’d rather not have Halo 5 (or any other future Halo game) be available on the Xbox 360…

  • The Xbox 360’s hardware is nearly a decade old, having Halo 5 be on it would result in a serious decay of quality and ability for the game.

  • With many people still on the fence on whether they will spend 500 dollars on the Xbox One, and Halo being a prime factor on why me (and a lot of other people) will be buying it… Making it also available on the 360 would certainly harm the Next-Gen Console’s sales.

  • The game’s current place-holder name is “Halo Xbox One” That’s a pretty dead give-away for it being an XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE

People would be complaining the game’s graphics don’t look better and that nothing really improved beyond “fixes that should have been made to h4 for free”

Being for 360 would ruin halo 5, and the xbox one.

It’s not just about graphics either. The Xbox One offers much better hardware, and that extra processing ability allows the game to perform much more complex tasks (exponentially better AI, more characters on screen, bigger environments). Bringing the game out on the 360 would limit the game very, very much.

No, I am quite looking forward to seeing what a next-generation Halo game can be like, let’s not ruin it, shall we?

You must not be old enough to know how this goes. New consoles come in, so game developers make games for those new consoles. There’s no good reason for developers to make games available on last-gen hardware.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Did Halo 3 release on the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox? No. It’s pointless. The Xbox One is capable of much more than the 360. Releasing on both consoles would either mean that the One gets a far superior version, making the 360 version basically an entirely different game, or that the One version wouldn’t be as strong as it could be to prevent a huge difference between the two versions.

The only Halo game I would be okay with being on Xbox One and 360 is probably Halo 2 Anniversary… if that ever happens. I’m actually hoping that whatever the Halo game coming in 2014 actually is H2A. I’d rather see Halo 5 in 2015 so 343 can actually FINISH the game BEFORE they release it.

Is it like this with every new console release?

Microsoft doesn’t want people buying h5 for the 360 then buying the ps4.

I don’t think that it is a valid reason to keep Halo games on the same gen, just because of people that can’t afford the next console.

I might not be able to get the Xbox One as soon as I would like, but I wouldn’t dream of wishing for Halo 5’s potential to be set back so much, just so that I could get my hands on it sooner.

It’d be just like making Mario 64 for the super Nintendo.

> It’d be just like making Mario 64 for the super Nintendo.


Plus, this would also give Halo more options for split-screen play due to most recent Halo games getting less and less split screen options because of the maxed out performance of the 360.

xbox one ONLY. It will not come out till fall 2014 so you have over a year to start saving up. I want this game to be optimized for the new ram/processor, etc. Not the 360 outdated tech.