The next few months should be promising

UPDATE: January 14
Happy Friday, everyone!
As promised, back with a quick update on the status of Big Team Battle.
Yesterday the test pass was completed and the hotfix is now in the process of going through Xbox certification. As long as no issues arise, we are targeting releasing this hot fix middle of next week . (note that Monday is an office holiday in recognition of MLK Jr Day)

To kick off the new year and also offer a small token of appreciation for your patience during these issues, all players will be granted 5 XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps. This will be active once the hotfix is released and automatically added to the inventory of every player who logs in. This grant offer will remain active for about a month so just log in any time before then and you’ll get hooked up.

We continue to work towards the mid-February patch and will share details as we get closer. Additionally, work continues on plans/updates to other key topics we know are top of mind for the community (economy, armor customization, ranked, cheating, networking, etc.).

So this is what Sketch has put up on the forum post, this sounds promising. I’m glad 343 are communicating and I hope this becomes a regular weekly thing. I’m actually really glad they’ve mentioned economy for the first time, if they change the store so it’s cheaper and let us buy individual items from the bundle I’d be happy.

Customisation is a big one here for me too, hopefully they talk about giving us more armour pieces/coatings to earn for free. Cross core please! Thanks again for the update 343, but could we possibly see these kind of posts on Social media too? Keep everyone in the loop